An old love affair…

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It’s that time of the year again – a chill in the evening air, time to bring out the full sleeved clothes and sun the warm clothes for the days to come, look forward to chats over cups of tea and pakodas or some momos with some steaming soup (I will miss Maggi) and above all the fairs, expos & festivals that mark the season. And amongst the many fairs & expos, the one thing I love most is the book fairs.

With the era of online shopping changing the whole scenario of how we shop, visiting bookshops to get our copies of goodness has definitely come down but nothing can take replace the experience of a book fair for a book lover like me. And mind you, a book fair is most certainly about books but it’s only not just about it. The heterogeneous crowd with one common goal of grabbing their personal copy of happiness, the noise of the excitement everyone has inside them, the sparkle in the eyes on discovering a gem, the occasional announcements on the public address system about the schedule for the day as well as reporting lost and found articles and sometimes kids too (!), – everything else is a part of the book fair along with the books. 🙂

As a kid, a book fair was like my candy shop. I got confused every time (without fail), which one to buy and which one to let go for that year. My Deuta (father) used to take me and by Baa (elder sister) on his scooter to the book-fair grounds and allocated a budget to both of us (the youngest one was too young to accompany us on these trips). While my Baa had eyes on the thrillers and detective novels and did not have much of an issue in narrowing down to the ones she wanted to bring home; for me it was a huge task for I wanted them all to come home with me and to top it all, the sweet, intoxicating smell of the new books did not make it any easier. All this time, Deuta waited patiently for us outside the stall and keeping an eye on us in case we got lost in the crowd. The joy-trip ended with some pink cotton candy or samosas at one of the food stalls. 🙂

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One funny thing I remember from my childhood trips to book-fair is the furtive glances we stole at the books in the Erotica section – we were too ashamed to take a proper look because of the pictures in the front cover but then we could not resist the temptation to steal a look too; and the moment someone approached us with disapproving eyes,  we grabbed a copy of some insignificant book at the speed of lightening as if our lives and deaths depended on it….hahahaha! 😛

Another fun part of visiting a book-fair is people-watching – people who are in the lookout for that particular piece of art, some others who simply loiter around from one stall to another and just add to the crowd, the ones who are more interested in the different food-stalls than in the book-stalls, the laughing school/college kids for whom the event is a kind of get-together destination, the boys and young men group who are actually there to check out pretty-looking girls, couples hand in hand either sharing their common love for books or giving company to the other patiently; parents taking around their lil’ ones unaware of the fact that they are creating memories just as I did with my Deuta. 🙂

Even today, I like to enjoy that familiar feeling of nostalgia and happiness as I move from one stall to another, going through the blurb or flipping through the pages of the ones that pique my interest. No online shopping site (together with their conveniencet and amazing discounts) can match this book-buying experience ever. Last weekend I visited the book fair in my city after a gap of about 2-3 years and I had a joyful walk down the memory lane and also brought back home bundles of joy. 🙂

ghy book fair

The gate that opens into happiness

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  1. There were book fairs at my sons’ and grandsons’ schools. Oh how much fun to browse. The books were children’s books only, so there were no furtive glances at books with inappropriate (for school-aged children) books. But if there were, I have no doubt, my sons and grandsons would be trying to ogle at them. LOL.

  2. My mother used to tell me that her dad used to take her book fairs and she used to stand there and read very quickly so that she could buy three but have managed to read additional two free of cost 😀 Books and their love!


  3. I used to detest buying books online!!
    Now, I have wonderful libraries at my disposal and huge bookstores! 😀
    I absolutely love bookfairs! what all did you buy? 😀

    1. Me too, but with the busy schedule and the constant mails with amazing discounts on my wishlist books compels me to buy them online :/
      But then once a year, I get to enjoy that joy-ride 🙂
      As for the books I bought, Jaya by Devdutt Patnaik, Monsoon Memories by Mitra Phukan and I am going back for more 🙂

  4. Aww the love for books! Beautiful post, M 🙂 Its been a long time I had been to a book store. I love looking at the collections and I have a tough time too, narrowing down my books. There have been times I have gone with a list made. But as soon as I see all those beautifully stacked books, I get lost and wander all over the store 🙂

    Btw, maggi is back in Bangalore. But I dont feel like trying anymore.

  5. I am a combo of both world I feel, when I step into an online book store, I have the same amazement I have in a book fair or a library, except for the fact that I am sitting in a place and browsing.. but hopping on to read and know so many books.. ! at the same time I love the smell and feel of being in a library, climbing up on the step ladder and finding those books on the top shelves.. these days what I like about book fairs more than the books are the life size games.. scrabble and snakes and ladders and reading sessions!

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