This one is for the ladies!

funny-archaeology-purse-cartoon-layersPic Source

Look at what I came across in an Instagram post today! I could not stop giggling 😀

I am pretty sure, if not all, most of the women-folk can relate to this. Somehow we manage to accumulate this treasure in our handbags. Many a times we are not able to locate that one important piece of item, inspite of knowing that it exists in that chunk of hidden treasure, undoubtedly. Also, many of the items lie there for future use, we do not even know what & why…. they sort of just live there! 😛

How many of you ladies can relate to this?


  1. Liked this!! I am super active in instagram, whats your id? Lets connect there…

  2. proven guilty 😀 😀 I can never find that one thing that I most urgently want and on top of it, I will get some old safety pins, hair clips, pens, tissues and what not 😀

  3. Hahaha! Where did you get that picture of my purse! You forgot the little packages of raisins for my granddaughter, and her books and my book.

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