A Challenge (Day 1: Love)

quote challenge day 1

I have been neglecting my blog for quite some time now. It’s not that I have no ideas/motivation to weave posts around, but somehow the thoughts in my mind are not translating into blog posts. Maybe my mind is too cluttered or maybe I am simply tired…..

Anyhow, Karen, from My Train of Thoughts……, had nominated me for the Three Day Three Quote Challenge, a few days back. I accepted her challenge, thinking it would be a good opportunity to make a comeback to my blog.

So here I am with the Day 1 post –

fav quotePic Source

This quote is by Hafez, a Persian poet. It is one of my all time favourite quotes and I must have mentioned it many a times in my earlier posts. For me, love is selfless. I  strongly believe that if the love shared is strong and true, what is put into a relationship come out in manifolds, enriching our lives. 🙂

As with all challenges, this too comes with its own set of rules and as per one of the rules, I nominate one of my favourite blogger – The Glass Bangle for this challenge. Hope you accept it, Anjana! 🙂

Rules of the challenge:
1. Post a favourite quote everyday for 3 days.
2. Pass on the challenge to three other bloggers.


  1. Madhu ! I’m loving this Challenge. And this quote that you’ve put up today has been one of my favourites too. A lovely Challenge from a lovely blogger 🙂

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