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I have been MIA for quite some time now. Apart from the occasional meme posts like This Week in Books / WWW Wednesdays & Photo Friday and a few book reviews (I have so many pending 😦 ), I have not been writing much. I guess my mind is caught up with too many things at one time and because of that muddle in my head, nothing specific is coming up…sigh!

Anyways, I thought that, to end this phase, what would be better than a random post; so here it is–

  • Life seems to be slipping from my fingers like sand; everything seems to be happening so fast and I am trying hard to keep up, making me anxious many a time. :O

  • I celebrated my birthday on the 9th of this month; while I am usually very excited from the 1st day of June itself, this year I did not even realize that its 9th However, everything is not that sad; I got myself a HIDESIGN office bag (which I absolutely love) that was in my wish list for about a year now. And the surprise gifts sent by my friends made me feel special 🙂


  • I happily ticked off one thing from my to-do-list – sponsoring a child. Choosing an organization through which I will go about it, was a difficult task but when I read about the family based care concept of SOS Children’s Villages of India, the decision was easy. So after a series of correspondence via emails (many thanks to Mr. Bakshi), I finally filled up a form and completed the process. The fact that the date I signed the papers was on my birthday and that they agreed to accommodate my request of using my contribution for the welfare of a girl child, was the cherry on the cake. Best gift from me to myself! 😀

  • A friend of mine is going through a difficult phase of her marriage and while not married myself, I was trying to give her all the strength I could, to cope up with the situation around her. I was surprised at myself that I was trying to help her handle the situation without taking any sides. I know she is not wrong but then I wanted her to be convinced of her own decision; for all that is yet to come in future will have to be faced by her alone, with us only as a support system. I am just praying that whatever it is, something good must come out of this whole episode.

  • On my recent office trip to Jorhat (a district in Assam), I visited this wonderful place called THE KAZIRANGA GOLF RESORT. I had heard about it quite a lot but had never got the chance to visit it. The place is lovely and I am definitely going there for a peaceful retreat. (Pic source here)


  • As compared to last year, I have not been on a proper holiday as yet. With 6 months of 2015 already over, I am getting kind of desperate. Any suggestions for July-August are welcome!

  • I got myself the iPad Air 2, a few weeks back and I love the experience of using it. For the cover, I was looking for something nice and pretty, I simply can’t stand those leather/polyurethane covers. And finally after a long search I found what I wanted in a website called THE POSTBOX. The delivery was fast and I love the cover. The site has some beautiful stuff; I am definitely shopping with them again!


  • From May, I had started my swimming lessons 🙂 It was an item from my bucket list and I am so happy that I can tick it off very soon!

  • I tried my hands on two dishes I have never made – prawns in coconut milk and shrimps pulao. For a first time effort, they were quite good. 🙂

prawn curry Prawns in coconut milk curry

shrimp pulao Shrimp pulao

  • Though we say that in order to lead a happy life, we should not have expectations, I realized that somewhere down, we all tend to expect something or the other, big or small, from the people who matter the most for us. And when they do not live up to it, we get disappointed. I personally, do not want people to pay me back or repeat what I do for them as friends or family, but I definitely expect the same kind of emotions I have for them. I guess I expect the love back. :/ Is it wrong to expect so? I don’t know. :/

  • And last but not the least, for quite some time, I was on the lookout for some tribal/antique coin/silver jewelry. Many of my friends were requested to buy and send me any, if they came across such pieces. Recently I found an online seller who was selling these items handmade by the Rabari Tribe of Gujarat, India (as per her claims). And my order arrived yesterday – an antique coin neck piece and a antique coin embedded traditional weave purse. I was delighted to receive them! 🙂


So I guess this is it for today. What have you guys been up to recently? Do share in the comments section or share links of any interesting posts that I might have missed. 🙂


  1. Wow! You are doing so many new things. Superb. As far asexpectations go, I expect too but now I just accept what other has to give and adjust my expectations. Someone once told me that one can give only what one has. So don’t expect love from someone who does not have any to give.

  2. Your random thoughts are quite interesting. I love your purse and your tablet cover.
    You are right, time does seem to be slipping away very quickly. I never seem to have time to get everything done, and I keep adding more projects, more books, more outings, and on and on.
    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  3. Love this random post! For every point, I was having some response but now at this comment box, I am struggling to recollect what it is that I wanted to write 😀 😀 Belated birthday wishes to you, M. Glad you did a nice thing on your birthday. would love to see your Hidesign bag 😀

    The resort looks super awesome and I am craving for a holiday too. Hope we both get ours soon 🙂

    Though I dont eat or cook non-veg, both the dishes look delicious 🙂 Love your ipad cover and the tribal jewelry and the weave purse too – very unique 🙂

    I dont think there is anything wrong in expecting to be loved back or shown the same emotions that we showed to our loved ones. No one can be totally zen like. I am going through something similar and that has made me rethink about this. Hugs to you.

    Hehe wondering if I covered everything.. yes I did 😀

    1. thanks a lot for taking out the time to comment on my random thoughts. People like you give me strength and hope that sometimes it is ok to be sad and disappointed…after all we are all human.
      Thanks for your wishes! 🙂
      On your request I will add the pic of the Hidesign bag in the post.
      love & hugs to you too 🙂

  4. I hear you… MIA and many draft posts… story of my life! Happy belated birthday though and congratulations on your bucket list item! Learning to swim is no easy feat and to tackle that head… you’ve got guts, that’s for sure 🙂

    Oh and by the way those dishes look delicious mmmm!

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