Photo Friday (11) – Jolpan

WP_20150418_028 Jolpan served in a doong in Bihu

“Our culture, our traditions, our language are the foundations upon which we build our identity ~ Anonymous

In the picture above, the jolpan comprising of chira (flattened rice), buffalo milk curd, jaggery and locally made fresh cream is being served in a doong. Doong is an organic, disposable bowl made of banana tree bark. With the advent of plastic disposable plates/bowls, etc, doong is very rare to be found, even in villages. The doong was made by my father himself for the occasion of Bohag Bihu, last week.

Jolpan in Assamese means snacks. It generally comprises of a meal of chira, bora saul, kumol saul, muri, (details here) etc. with milk/curd and jaggery.  At times, cream, ghee or a banana is also added to this meal as per the preference of the one who is being served. With time, Assamese people too have moved into modern versions of breakfast. However, jolpan is served in all Assamese household during Bihu, along with other delicacies, without fail.

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  1. Okay, so now I’m wondering what jaggery is. Everything sounds delicious. I just need that one bit to fill in the blank before I’d dive in with gusto.
    And I love the idea of using banana tree bark as a plate. Clever stuff!

      1. Ah! A bit like our American brown sugar. I’m a big fan of date sugar. Well, I’m a big fan of dates in general. And molasses, and well, just about anything sweet.
        Thanks for the link, M! Cheers

  2. All of that sounds delicious! I would love to eat that meal myself, some day…

    I love learning about different people and their cultures, so this post was quite interesting to me. 🙂

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