Another random one….


Random posts are fun (my earlier ones here & here). So here goes one more –

  • I had made a quick visit to my hometown on some official purpose early March and I got to spend some time with my niece. She is growing up fast into a chatty kid, entertaining everyone at home, 24*7. 😛
  • WP_20150309_038 (2)Umber from The Summer Rain had tagged me for the Five Photos Five Stories Challenge and I successfully completed it yesterday…. yay! 🙂 (You can read the posts here)
  • March ended on a good note for me and with the start of April, I am looking forward to Spring; for it means Bohag Bihu, holidays and a visit to home. 🙂
  • It time to bid goodbye to my all-time favourite vegetable – fresh green peas. Frozen ones can never replace the taste of the fresh ones. 😦

WP_20150217_001I love this combo of jeera-aloo with green peas

  • With summer stepping in, I am getting prepared with a fresh wardrobe; loose, flowy, breezy, comfortable – these are the things I am looking for in my clothes for the season. I have already stocked a few maxi dresses, palazzo pants & long skirts. 🙂
  • A new café called 11th Avenue Cafe & Bistro has opened up in my town. Owing to the location (Dighalipukhuri East), ambience & menu, its quickly becoming a favourite place for me and my friends. Last week we had this English Chips garnished with shredded chicken and cheese and it was absolutely yummy! 🙂
  • WP_20150329_004With some allowances I got from office, I bought Maa a brand new refrigerator and a washing machine and to say she was delighted will be an under-statement. I love it when I succeed in making them happy! 🙂
  • I am lagging behind with my book reviews. :/ I feel guilty especially for those which were sent to me by authors/ publishers. And this is why I have now started accepting review books very selectively. Anyways, with office life a bit relaxed now, I plan to complete all my pending book reviews.
  • I always keep a close watch on the plants on my balcony garden. But even then somehow this plant was not noticed by me for quite some time; maybe because in the last 3 years, it refused to grow beyond 2 leaves. Yesterday I suddenly discovered, to my utter delight, that it has some buds and is ready to bloom; I guess to welcome Spring.
  • InstagramCapture_d8cbab2a-106e-4b64-8cbe-6de73a1d89f8_jpgOne Sunday, me and my sister had taken up the task to re-pot all of our plants with the new (riverside) soil that I had managed to find & bring home. I am guessing the re-potting helped the above mentioned dormant plant of years to bloom finally! 😛
  • gardeningI am driving my car regularly now and with each passing day, I am getting the controls of the car under me. With a few hiccups here & there, I am managing fine. 🙂
  • Have you been checking out my Photo Friday posts? I love this weekly feature that I have started in my blog. It helps me in posting regularly, at least once in a week. 🙂


  1. Loved this random post M 🙂 happiness of our parents – nothing can match it. I too love fresh peas 🙂 It’s already very hot in B’lore and we had a very brief spring. Sigh. Repotting the plants – good way to pass time. I am always scared of removing my grown plants..

    1. same pinch for the peas-love! 😉
      even I was very scared about re-potting the plants, but at the end of the exercise, I am glad I did it, it was good for them 🙂

  2. I think sometimes the random flow of thoughts and words is a way to empty out the brain of all the excess fluff that was and is still important to us, but has yet to find a creative outlet to attach onto. It’s a bit of a spring cleaning for the brain.
    So the food pics look awesome, but what is jeera-aloo? It looks marvelous.
    Happy April to you! Cheers 🙂

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