WP_20150401_005These two mugs-with-a-message sits on my office desk serving the dual purpose of a pen-stand and an inspiration board. And with these two around, every day in my office starts on a positive note, without fail. These messages are kind of reminders to me. Working in a service oriented organization, I need to remember that every help, big or small, to anyone who is associated with me professionally, counts in the long run. And I try to do so with my sincere efforts. I believe that if I do my job to the best of my ability, the result will always be what was desired for. Also, inspite of being in a busy job, I try not to forget that life is also what is outside my window. Trying not to crib about a hectic schedule every day and in order to bring a harmony in my work life and life-outside-office, I try to enjoy the little joys life presents me with; for sometimes the smallest things take up the most room in your heart.

This is my Day 5 & final post for Five Photos Five Stories (FPFS). Thank you Umber from The Summer Rain for inviting me to join this challenge, I enjoyed doing it. 🙂

FPFS challenge requires me to post a photo each day for 5 consecutive days and attach a post to it. It may be a fiction or non-fiction piece, a poem or simply a short paragraph. Next, each day I have to nominate one fellow blogger to carry on this challenge. The person nominated further can either accept it and continue the challenge or reject it – it is entirely his/her choice.

On my 5th & final day I am nominating The Girl Next Door to join me in this challenge. 🙂

You can read about the previous posts in the FPFS challenge here –

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Image source: Self-clicked


  1. I liked the message on the White mug… Something to live by truly… Thanks for sharing!

  2. Loved the messages on both the mugs. Such small messages do give you that dose of inspiration or that gentle nudge when you need the most!

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