Fooled as a kid…

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As kids we were an innocent lot, unlike the kids of the present generation. For us life was simple, without computers, mobile phones, video games and we had not even heard about internet. Cartoon shows in TV were aired only on Sundays and we waited patiently the entire week. We grew up cycling in the neighbourhood & playing in the open fields, in the soil without fear of any disease. Even our parents did not bother much about what, where and how we were playing, as long as we came back by the time the sun was down.  

The other day I had went out shopping with my sister-in-law & my lil’ nephew. As we were climbing up the steps of a shop, he asked his Mom if he could touch the railings of a shop. When I asked why was he taking permission, he says because it might be dirty! And he is only 4 years old. God!

Anyways, this post is not to present the contrast of our childhood and that of the current kids, but on some of the lies we were made to believe as a child. And the innocent we believed them whole heartedly, which I doubt today’s kids ever will without a few challenging questions! 😛 Anyways,  I have listed a few of them below:-

  • Trees will grow out from inside us – our nose, ears, mouth, etc., if we swallowed any seed
  • If we told a lie, our leg will get shorter and we will have to limp around for the rest of our lives. Some also said the nose will get longer, like Pinocchio.
  • Throwing the fallen tooth high up in the ceiling and ask a rat to take it away and give me a new and ‘better one’ in return.
  • That spinach and all other green leafy vegetables gave instant power, just like it did to Popeye.
  • Babies were dropped at the doorstep by storks/cranes, sent by God.
  • If we swallow a chewing gum, it will get stuck to our intestines forever.
  • Cracking our knuckles will make them bulge out
  • Maa had secret eyes behind her head and knew all about our mischievous activities

Right now, this is what I can remember. Can you think of any other such childhood myths? Do share them, if you remember any. 🙂


  1. Aah what a super post! 😀 I can think of a few! We used to do special poojas for our ancestors every year.. and cook the food that was their favorite. Everytime I questioned my parents on how these ancestors would taste the food, my dad would point to an aeroplane and say, they would come in that 😀

    of course, eating any seed meant a tree growing in our tummies. Also, there is something called sacred ash – every night my mom used to put a pinch in my mouth – to chase away the evil and to save from the bad dreams. I used to like it a lot. She used to say that if eaten too much, it will form a big table in my tummy. I believed it for many years.

    There are many… but these came on to my mind instantly 😀

  2. I believed in a lot of them too! Every time I swallowed an apple seed I could almost see the tree growing.😊

  3. Haha!! Couldn’t help but laugh!!! Part of every Indian’s childhood!!! 😀 Definitely not going to happen in this new generation!

  4. I love your memories. When I was a child my parents and grandparents would often use a quote like these to assure proper behavior. I really hated when they did that, and swore I wouldn’t use them with my children. Haha! Famous last words. Now, my children could probably make a list for you.

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