Photo Friday (6) – Savoury delight!

WP_20130725_007 Food, for me, is way of expressing love. Maybe this is why I find that extra flavour in my Maa-made food, and I am sure everyone does! 🙂 And living far away from home, makes that feeling stronger. Every time I visit home or Maa visits me, I am delighted by the food I get to gorge on. Even a simple meal of rice and daal tastes so much better when she cooks it. 🙂

Today’s pic is one of my Maa’s popular chana mixture which we 3 sisters along with our Deuta (that’s what we call our father in Assamese) absolutely love to gorge on, especially with a hot cup of tea after a blissful Sunday siesta. 🙂 Whenever we went for excursions, school/college trips, or back to hostel after a vacation, this item was what we looked forward to be packed along with the other goodies. 🙂

This snack is basically a mixture of chira (flattened rice), badam (peanuts), papad, curry patta with some salt sprinkled on it. Yummy indeed! 🙂

Here are the previous episodes of Photo Friday – Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4 & Week 5. I hope you guys are enjoying them as much as I am! 🙂


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