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Author – A.B. Chakravorty (also known as ABC)

Blurb –

Stuck in the tenterhooks of uncertainty, an emerging ad-man tries to use all the logic to figure what’s happening to him. He believes that he’s caused the death of his favourite movie actress in one of the two lives that he claims to be living. And watching all of this happen are a bunch of people from two schools of thought-Physics and Psychiatry. Set in the busy streets, rented flats and packed pubs of Bangalore and Mumbai, here’s a thriller that’s punctuated with unprecedented happenings, thoughtful words and intertwined twists-an exhibition of how things change in a split second.

My thoughts –

I received the autographed copy of the book from the author who happens to be my classmate from primary school. We reconnected sometime back, thanks to Facebook! 🙂 And that’s how I got to know that he is now a writer too, along with many other things. I used to follow his blog Mind Gamer and was impressed with his writing skills. 🙂 And this January he has come up with his 2nd book – SPLIT SECOND, with a very interesting premise. 

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Split Second is about Dev, who worked for an ad agency in Bangalore and his realization one day that he might be living in 2 different realities. [No, it‘s not a classic case of Multiple Personality Disorder, in case you are guessing it to be so! 😛 ] The trigger to this realization was on the day when he had offered Mahi (his batch mate and now colleague) to drop her home and while driving down the road he realized suddenly that she was missing from the backseat. And thereafter, with the help of Mahi and his flat-mate Rakshit (a Physics geek), he embarks on a journey to unravel the mystery of his life. In this journey, Dev also entangles himself in his probable role in the death of his favourite actress, Julie.

Churning out a plot with a heady mix of physics & psychology can never be an easy task. But ABC did it and does it quite well. His work reflects the amount of research & hard work that has gone into the making of this book. The book has been paced nicely without too many sub-plots & hence making it a gripping read with the right amount of thrill thrown into it. Much complex information has been broken into the simplest possible manner  and that is what I loved in the book (have to admit here that I did struggle a bit with the Physics part). Also the fact that, the author has delved into a genre not too many Indian authors like to foray (esp. in this era of Chetan Bhagat-ish books), was another highlight of the book for me.

A line I loved from the book –

Perfection is an illusion – an illusion of those imperfect eyes playing servant to an even more imperfect mind”.

Final words –

An engaging book, from start to finish. Go grab a copy soon! 🙂

A word with the author

D&C – First of all, congratulations for your book. So how does it feel now that people are talking about you work and loving it too?

ABC – The love has been unconditional so far and I am humbled to say the least. Call it a weakness, but I am someone who craves for reassurance on the quality of content I create. So, that makes the feedback even more crucial.

D&C – How did you come up with this unique plot for your 2nd book?

ABC – There’s a story to it. I had a crush on a classmate back in 2010. She was cute, short and hardly weighed anything. So, one day we were riding on Bangalore’s famous 9km flyover; and I suddenly felt she’s not there on the bike. I had to literally turn to see. She was there, but then I thought, what if she wasn’t? That’s where the seed was sown. And yes, the first part of the book is called ‘The Pillion Rider’. Who that’s dedicated to is anyone’s guess now.

D&C – How much research & how much imagination has gone into the making of this book?

ABC – The book took me nine months to write and five months before that, to plot and do research on. For the Psychology bit, I used to book appointments with a very kind psychiatrist named Dr. Anitha. For Theoretical Physics, Youtube is an ocean, but choosing the right drops was essential. And that took me a while. Also, a revisit to Science City in Kolkata really helped. I owe the concept of Rakshit’s drawers (you know what that means when you read the book) to that place.

D&C – What do you love to do apart from penning down stories?

ABC – I love music. I write for quite a few independent artists and musicians. When I feel like singing, I catch hold of my musician buddies and acquaintances to create songs of our own. We call that project ‘The M Theory’. Apart from that, I love Cricket. Though I am an average player, I luckily get a chance to play for my company’s corporate team when some regular player is injured or doesn’t make it. I bowl leg spin.

D&C – Are you a fiction or non-fiction reader? Who is/are your favourite author(s)?

ABC – I don’t read much. I know that’s criminal for an author to say so, but that’s the truth. From the little I have read, I admire Syd Field, Conan Doyle and Amish Tripathi a lot, in that order.

D&C – When did you start writing? Did you always wanted to become a writer or someone motivated you to do so?

ABC – My father was a poet and actor. You go to Assam’s ‘India Club’ and take his name. The number of people speaking great things about his work would stun you. His name is Late Sri Samir Chakravorty. Growing up as the son of a person like him was a pleasure. His poetry has inspired me a lot. So, I used to write poems as a kid. I was six when I wrote my first. Later, during my MBA, I’d write a fiction blog called ‘The Mind Gamer’. I feel the feedback on that blog has made me want to write more. And now, I just want to write till I die.

D&C – Who is the critic of your work in your life?

ABC – My sister, Pooja. We weren’t born in the same family, but from an emotional standpoint, she’s a great sister, who doesn’t just encourage me but also corrects me. Apart from her, I have recently discovered a few friends/acquaintances who have shared very critical and important feedback. They include but aren’t limited to Sagar, Preeti, Anjlin and Abhilash.

D&C – What are you currently working on? Can you reveal its subject matter?

ABC – I am pondering over and doing my research on two stories right now. One of them is an inspiring story of a brave young girl from Assam. The other is a murder mystery set in Vancouver, Canada. I love both the outlines and climaxes. But I don’t know which one I’d write first. Let’s see.

And before I leave, I wanted to say a big thank you to two people. One of them is Bipin, the face of the cover of ‘Split Second’. He is one of the most generous people I happen to know. And of course, the other is my cute little baby mummy, for being such a wonderful mother and for holding my hand at every little step I take. Thank you ☺


  1. The book was bought by me & the opinions expressed here are my own and unbiased.
  2. This review is linked to my Indian Quills Challenge, 2015 target& Goodreads Reading Challenge, 2015.


  1. Physics and psychology–a heady combination, and one I can imagine would set up for a brilliant plot line. It sounds a most intriguing story, Madhusmita. And how lovely to see the success of someone you grew up with.
    Terrific review and interview!

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