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This poem is dedicated to all those people who are/were/will be in love & believes in it no matter they have a happy ending or not 🙂

Love is a strange thing they say,

And all will agree who fall prey;

It’s just a word until someone comes and gives it a meaning,

It makes you do and see things in a different light each passing day,

Make you take that leap you never thought you will even try,

Teaches you to have hope, faith and belief,

Helps you to stay afloat when life sends storms your way….


When in love,

Time stops,

Words are understood without being said,

Their presence makes you strong.

And at the end of the day,

Each one of them prays that,

May they not move apart,

As they take their steps forward,

From a memorable past to a beautiful future ahead….

P.S. This poem was scheduled for V-Day but somehow it did not get posted and so I am posting it again today, after-all love can be celebrated everyday, right? 🙂


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