PHOTO FRIDAY (2) – Kick Start

WP_20150212_004Pink pops!

I have once shared my gym woes (post here) and my forever lasting struggles with doing exercise and other healthy stuff like that. However, this time I have decided to set small and do-able goals for myself and push myself a bit more every time I achieve them. This I think will give me the sense of satisfaction as well as the zeal to push myself a lil’ higher. For now, I have started with waking up early (now that’s a huge task for someone who wakes up at 8-8.30 everyday!) and going for walks in the morning (for about an hour). Hopefully I can keep this routine going until I go for my next step. Wish me luck guys! 🙂

By the way, the shoes are from Skechers & they come with memory-foam and are super comfy. I got them in the recently ended Sale Season. Right now, they are my motivation to get up from the bed! 🙂

And I am loving doing this weekly photo feature to highlight my week. PHOTO FRIDAY (1) can be found here. 


  1. As you know, I am also bad in physical fitness stuff. All the fat in my body can be found on my tummy region..nowhere else 😦 Sighhhhh…

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