Letters from an Indian Summer – my thoughts

letters from indian summerGoodreads

Author – Siddharth Dasgupta

Blurb –

A love story between an Indian photographer and a French artist, Letters from an Indian Summer, is suffused with a strong sense of serendipity and spiritually liberal doses of the things Arjun Bedi and Genevieve Casta hold dear in this world. The past, though, lurks constantly around every chosen corner. Will the secrets they harbour end up destroying them, or will the unspoken belief in their entwined cosmic paths be much too strong a force . . ?

My thoughts –

Sometimes a book speaks to you from its cover itself. It makes you want to pick it up and read it then and there. Letters from an Indian Summer was one such book for me. The cover of the book is simply gorgeous. When the publisher contacted me for reviews with two books, I chose this one and I am so glad I did for I doubt that this book would have surely gone unnoticed by me amidst the many books getting released every day in this genre. Thank you Bharti (from Fingerprint Publishing) for sending me this book! 🙂

Letters from an Indian Summer is a mature love story between an Indian photographer, Arjun and a French artist, Genevieve. Destiny is what bring them together and as their relationship grows in the years to come, the reader is also taken on a virtual tour to different cities across the globe namely Poona/Pune, Benaras, Kathmandu, Istanbul, Dubai & Paris. With the vivid descriptions of these cities, the author shows how well-travelled he is and made me want to visit them instantly. This love story is like any other love story with its fair amount of denial, attraction, romance, etc. But what take the story a level up is the underlying spirituality, purity & maturity. The book is much more than what the blurb says.

Both Arjun & Genevieve get closer to each other because of their common interest like travel, art, love for handwritten letters (which they wrote quite a many) and their outlook towards life. They are very real people with their own set of flaws & shortcomings and hence very lovable too, at least for me as a reader. As the story progresses, the reader find out that both of them are holding on to their own secrets & pasts – which can either destroy their relationship or make it stronger in the long run. Apart from the protagonists, the author has developed the other characters also quite well and they played their parts quite well.

The language was smooth, expressive & poetic too and wrapped the reader in the world of his creation. In fact the language of the book is one of the main highlights of the book. This book definitely does not sound like a debut attempt of the author. With a number of twists and turns, this love story leaves the reader with a picture of unforgettable love.

The only tiny issue I had with the book (and hence a 4 star in Goodreads), is the speed of the plot & continuous descriptions in a few instances. The author seems to sometime get carried away with unnecessary descriptions and thus deviating my attention from the book.

Final words –

As said in the press kit of the book sent to me, this is “a pure, mature love story for adults, one filled with hope, sensuality, mystery, and beauty, this is a novel which will draw you in with its rich prose and poignant lyricism”. It might not become a best-seller but all those people who love a book with a good plot & good language with the after-effects of the book lingering on, should definitely go ahead and grab a copy of this book.

Note –

  1. The book was sent to me by Fingerprint Publishing & the opinions expressed here are my own and unbiased.
  2. Image & blurb has been taken from Goodreads
  3. This review is linked to my Indian Quills Challenge, 2015 target& Goodreads Reading Challenge, 2015.




  1. It sounds as though a bit more editing could have corrected the plot speed and the issues with the descriptions in the book. The plot sounds like the basis for a must read.

    1. I think you got me wrong here Michelle, the speed and descriptions got lengthy only at certain places, otherwise its perfectly fine. That is why I mentioned that it is only a “tiny” issue. And if you like mature & ‘real’ love stories you should definitely read this one.

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