Being random…..again!

The last time I did a random post, it was fun. It is a good way to blog (actually a shortcut), especially when I am not in a mood to write elaborate posts but still want to share my thoughts in my blog. So here I go again –

  • This is what I gifted myself on Christmas, but then it arrived today 😛 –


  • I received this bookmark with the book and as a bonus I learned a new word too 🙂


* The interactive sessions of the Guwahati Lit Fest, 2014, was held at the auditorium in my office and this was what I bought from a book-stall –


* If you are looking for some inspiration for new year resolutions, here is a list of 101 do-able resolutions, so go ahead & check it out; you might something for yourselves there –

  • I stumbled across this poet’s page (Rupi Kaur) through another blogger I follow – Nerdy Devi. ND does a feature in her blog called ‘museum of links’ every now and then and often I find something new & remarkable amongst the various links she shares. Do check out both the pages.

  • The weather outside is so enjoyable these days, with not-so-cold wind blowing to chill my bones, that I am often going on long walks whenever I can. And I must add these walks never fail to refresh me….perks of a pleasant winter it is! 🙂

  • I am lagging behind in writing so many posts – my Kerela holiday, my experience in Hornbill Festival, book reviews, etc. etc. I hope I come around doing them soon.

  • I am loving these wooden bowls I got from the Hornbill Festival, Kohima, Nagaland and eating almost everything I can in them (obsessed is the word here) 😛WP_20141225_005* 2 weeks back, me, my friend and her cousin, were loitering around in the streets of Guwahati and soon found ourselves infront of The Corner Café. It was lunch time and we happily went inside it and had this fabulous lunch. It was yummy! Anyone who is looking for a café-lounge with cozy ambience and even tastier food should definitely drop by this place –

2014-12-12 00.32.54

2014-12-12 00.46.08

2014-12-12 00.46.24* The same day we visited the planetarium ( 😛 ) & went for boating in the famous Dighali Pukhuri (yeah that day we turned into tourists 😛 )

WP_20141213_003WP_20141213_004* A sky like this never fails to cheer up my mood any day –


  • Its 30th of December today and the countdown to usher in the New Year have begun. I wish all my readers a very HAPPY NEW YEAR! I wish that all of you and your loved ones have a great 2015 with lots of happiness, love & good health…cheers!! 🙂 And I will see you all in the brand new year……see ya!!! 😀

happy new year clipart 2015 (3)


  1. The wooden bowl looks gorgeous! You are tempting me to find one for me too 🙂
    What are those delicious plates of food you had at the cafe?
    I too have the Christmas Carol book with me on kindle and planning to read it soon:)

    1. the bowl is lovely indeed GB 🙂 And right now I dont exactly remember the name of the dishes but one was lamb curry and the other was freshly made pasta in lots of cheese 🙂
      And Christmas Carol will be my next read for sure 🙂

  2. I loved this post! 😀 I get snippets from what’s happening and that’s always a plus 🙂
    made me smile.. those wooden bowls are so cool!

    Happy 2015 to you too Dreamz!! 🙂 ❤

  3. Ooh, I’m definitely crushing on your wooden bowl, Madhusmita. I too go all wonky over some cup or fork that I’ve discovered and want only to use them from now on.
    I hope by now you’ve gotten a good way into A Christmas Carol. Truly a worthy read, and of course, a classic.
    A very happy 2015 to you. Cheers!

    1. isn’t the bowl lovely, Shelley (ooh that one rhymes 😛 )?
      The first fortnight of January has been busy for me with a lot of festivities and family time happening and reading took a backseat, However, now that I am back to my routine, I have started reading and hope to finish it soon. And yes, its truly a classic 🙂
      And I am sure you are having a great 2015! 🙂

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