A random one…..

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  • It’s that time of the year again – it has started snowing here in my blog 🙂 (I love this feature in #wordpress!)
  • I have added a new page in my blog – THE TRAVELLER IN ME to make all my travel stories easier to navigate through, just like my book reviews & bookish thoughts. Have you seen that? What do you think about it? Any suggestions for improvement?
  • One of my besties got hitched on the 1st day of this month. And I was surprised that I had mixed feelings about it. While I was happy and wished the best for her, I also felt that I may lose her too. Gone are our carefree single days! :/


  • This article about our passwords and the stories behind them made me look back in time and remember the passwords I had over the years – funny, predictable, so-difficult-that-i-forget-them-everytime, etc.
  • This December, I got to be a part of the Hornbill Festival held in Kohima, Nagaland and the experience was amazing! (blog post coming soon).
  • Last Sunday my colleague cum friend and her cousin who is in town called me and my sister for homemade- momo-lunch. The momos were sumptuous! And I was surprised at the amount of hard work the 2 sisters were putting to make them. After seeing the entire process I am sure I can never do it myself! 😛


  • I was not carried away with the heavy discounts of the GOSF (Great Online Shopping Festival) this time and shopped stuffs only that I really needed…….and it was definitely a hard task, phewww!
  • Finally the cold that is typical of winters has arrived in my city. In winter we do want enjoy the goodness of it – hot coffees, warm blankets, the blazers, mufflers & caps, etc. etc.
  • Winter season is such a delight with all the fresh green veggies available. Last weekend I made these noodles with fresh veggies like broccoli, green peas, spring onions and the outcome was oh-so-delighful! 🙂


  • That plant of mine that almost met death (read post here) is happily smiling at me with green leaves & some flowers too! 🙂


  • A cupful of masala corn by the side of the road on a winter night is so delightful!


  • That colorful lane in Fancy Bazaar, Guwahati, Assam –


  • The year has almost come to an end and as I look back I realise as always, time flew by so fast….. But nevertheless I look forward to the new year that will bring new & better opportunities for each one of us…
  • And then…..


Note: A post like this one is perfect to put down my random thoughts that do not otherwise translate into a whole post. I think I will do similar posts every now and then…..what say? 🙂

Image source – Google & self-clicked


  1. Absolutely. I loved reading this post and checking out the links to see if I missed any of them. I wish you the merriest of Christmas’s. ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. I love random posts, for I have been writing only them for sometime 😀 Momos are looking so tatsy! And so is your noodles 🙂 I love the snow effect on WP too 🙂 Waiting to hear about your experience at Hornbill festival 🙂

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