A DIY I tried…

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DIY stuffs always fascinate me. I am always mesmerized by the creative things people come up with the usual materials. Every time I see an interesting DIY I save it for future reference – for that day in future when I would actually try my hands on it. But then I never seem to have the time for them. :/

A few days back I was cleaning up my workstation at office. Unnecessary papers, pamphlets, folders and various other this-and-that which I keep thinking it would be of some use in the future (Yes, I am a hoarder!) were cluttering my storage space and that was the day when I decided to either get rid of them or actually find some use for them. Out of the many other things, I discovered a huge lot of wedding cards. I always feel bad to throwaway invitation cards, of wedding or any other occasion, the reason being the beautiful paper used & also the religious symbols in the cards. So that day when I discovered the stack of wedding cards in the mess, I decided to put them into some use, in other words recycle them. And this is when I remembered what Ashima, a fellow blogger cum pen-friend, had done with them sometime back (you can read her post here where along with wedding cards, she recycled a lot of other things).

Recycling turns things into other things, which is like magic! 🙂 ~Anonymous

I cut the wedding cards into various shapes and sizes and came up with gift tags, bookmarks, lil’ cards to carry a small message, etc. At the end of the task I was happy with the outcome of my DIY. Here is what I made –

WP_20141127_001Message cards
WP_20141127_002Gift-tagsWP_20141127_003 Bookmarks

WP_20141127_004 Work-in-progress

With this start I am now motivated to take up my next DIY soon. Do you have any ideas for me? And what do you think of my 1st DIY?


  1. I save invitation cards to make gift tags/compliment cards all the time. Even as a child, i never threw away these cards..making book marks, cutting out new envelopes and even using the card paper to make new greeting cards..i did that all.And still do…I am glad you finally using up these pretty cards 🙂 Looking forward to more DIYs. In fact your post has inspired me to post about my DIYs!

    1. yeah, I do remember now saving up and re-using greeting cards as a child but somehow as I grew up these habits seemed to have left me. But I am glad they are coming back 🙂
      And do share your DIYs 🙂

  2. A very creative way to use Wedding Cards!! I am inspired to make some bookmarks and gift tags too! Thanks for sharing, M 🙂

  3. wow! I am also motivated too. Great post, and if you are looking for more DIY ideas then Pinterest is the best place. There are tons of inspiration ideas there.

  4. Awesome madhu! How are you? I am currently doing a road trip across south africa and enjoying every moment of it!

    Btw I got to know I have a big package waiting for me in India! I will be home only in april but eagerly waiting to open and find out what’s in it 🙂 I told everyone not to open it because there is such a pleasure in opening a mail package 🙂

    Lots of love,

    1. He Ashima! Good to hear from you after so long 🙂 And yeah, I am aware of your road trip and I am sure you are having an awesome time 🙂
      As for the package its not very ‘big’ 😛

  5. I love DIY projects. Glad to see your effort. Superb idea!!

    Hope you keep inspiring yourself to create more of such fab stuff in the coming year.

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