A hungry day and one realization…..

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Today I woke up late, I mean very late. And hence, I had to rush, in fact run around, through all my morning chores, and get dressed up too for a meeting at work. In all these running around the one thing that I could afford to skip today was my breakfast. I hate skipping my breakfast, especially my morning tea because whenever I do, I get a terrible headache and I know soon after that I am not going to have a good day at all. And today was no different.

After my morning meeting (thank God it happened first thing in the morning!) as I sat in my desk to arrange my work for the day on the basis of urgency, my stomach started grumbling. It cried (loudly) for some food. Yes, I was hungry, so much that I felt I could eat up an elephant! I did not want to stuff myself with junk food (read, oily food) 1st in the morning and that was the only option available for me in and around the office. Munching on some biscuits, I somehow managed to keep myself alive and not faint till lunch hour. The moment the clock struck 1.30 pm, I rushed to our canteen. And I must tell you that canteen food never tasted so much better any other day! 😛

Post lunch is when I actually started working today. As I was checking my personal emails, I came across this email from BlogAdda to participate in their initiative of feeding a hungry child and eliminate classroom hunger – “BLOG TO FEED A CHILD”. After what I had gone through today, I could relate much better to the situation in hand. As much as we are ensuring right to education for all, at the same time it is equally important for every kid that manages to reach the classroom to be not hungry. Just like the way I could not concentrate on my work today on an empty stomach, how can one expect those little kids to take in the lessons taught at school with a hungry stomach? In worst cases, just because they are not able to feed themselves 2 square meals a day, they skip schools in order to work and earn money to buy food. Sad but true!

When the whole world is talking about change – in the way we think, behave, say, how will it be possible if a child do not attend a school? Getting rid of or moving forward from the age-old beliefs, superstitions, thinking out of the box, respecting women & all other things cannot be expected to happen, unless the next generation is educated. And for that every child must reach the school and that too without a hungry stomach.

I look forward to the better tomorrow when every child will be able to go to school, with a smiling face and not a hungry stomach.


Note: I am going to #BlogToFeedAChild with Akshaya Patra and BlogAdda.


P. S. – Whenever I see a donation box of Akshaya Patra anywhere, I always try to put in some money there and after going through their website now, I will make sure that I never miss an opportunity to donate for the work they are doing.

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  1. This is a wonderful post. Sadly, but the same is true of school-aged children in our inner cities, and I would think the same issue exists around the world. No child should go without meals. I support a local group here.

  2. I so agree with you.. I cannot survive without a proper breakfast..
    Akshayapatra initiative is one of the best I’ve seen so far.. I hope we succeed in making sure no child remains hungry..

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