A new beginning from an end….

In one of my earlier posts (Rooted in Joy) I have shared with you about my efforts to grow some plants in my home-away-from-home. Just when I thought I am doing a satisfactory job with my potted plants, a few days back, I saw one of my plants in this condition: 

WP_20141102_001The plant that once had a tub full of luscious, green leaves now had yellow leaves which were falling off, that too at a very fast rate. 😦 I felt sad and dejected that I could not even take care of a plant which required so less maintenance. This was what it looked like a few weeks back –

pot plant 1

But then today morning when I checked the plant again, I was surprised and happy too to see this –

pot plant WP_20141102_002

New leaves have sprouted and I am hoping now that it would be back to its original self! I cannot tell you how happy I was to see my plant back to life. 🙂 These lines by F. Scott Fitzgerald (in The Great Gatsby) is what I have realised in this experience –

“Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall”

And as always, Mother Nature taught me a valuable life lesson once again – every new beginning comes from the end of some other beginning!  🙂









  1. so glad your plant came back to life. We sometimes forget when we bring plants inside that we are putting them out of their element. They have a life cycle that goes on no matter where they are.

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