God, an easy target?


Why do people find it convenient to blame God for their mistakes?

Is it because he does not come down to clarify his position?

Is it the trait of a good-at-heart human being to do so?

Why can’t an individual take responsibility for his own actions and finds it easier to blame God saying it is His doing?

We are being taught since our childhood that “know the truth and the truth will set you free” – then why do people not say the truth?

Is God supposed to come down and fix Himself every problem of ours?

Do we blame God just because it is convenient to do so and to hide our actions too?

Is God an easy target for man’s hypocrisy?

Are we making God an easy victim for our unwillingness to take responsibility of our actions?


P.S. This post came out be an all-questions post. These are some questions going on in my mind after a conversation I had this Sunday with a friend. Some people did something really bad to her and they washed their hands off saying “maybe this was God’s wish and it happened for good” when they were solely to be blamed for the entire episode.

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  1. I agree.. for me, I just keep my faith strong.. for God helps those who help themselves..

    The answers will come to you..

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