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Some days back, there was a tagging game going on in Facebook asking people who have been tagged to list their 10 favourite books. I was tagged more than once and since I share my bookish thoughts in the blog, I decided to share my list here.

Now, for a book lover, who has been reading since like forever, it is difficult to list out 10 favourite books out of everything he/she has read. And it is no different for me. Also, the definition of ‘favourite’ changes, as time passes by and so does our taste and preferences. So today I am listing out a few books (in no particular order) which I had grown up with or that have stayed with me or those that made an impact on me or the ones that I simply loved reading. And I am very much sure that this list is going to get longer and longer as time passes by.SO here goes my list – 

1. Tinkle & Archies Comics – I have grown up reading both of them. How I wished for a school like that of Archie and his gang. 🙂 And these comics being expensive ones, I remember me and my friends saving money to buy different issues so that we could share them amongst us.


And Tinkle is a different story altogether. I have many fond memories attached with it – sending letters to Uncle Pai , sending queries to be answered In TINKLE TEELS YOU WHY section, fighting with my sister to read it first the moment the hawker delivers an issue at our doorstp and many more. I had done a post on TINKLE some time back here.


2. Enid Blyton Books like Famous Five, Faraway Tree, Malory Towers, etc. – I simply loved these books in my growing years.

Experiencing adventures with Julian, Dick, Anne, Georgina & Timmy of Famous Five and unraveling mysteries; discovering a magical world on the top of the Faraway Tree; experiencing the ups and downs of hostel life in Malory Towers, etc. Infact after reading reading Malory Towers I wanted to stay in a hostel. 😛

Famous Five



3. Nancy Drew, Hardy Boys, Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes Oh, how I loved to play the sleuth along with the characters of these books! 🙂 I loved the mystery and thrill in these books and simply enjoyed unraveling the culprit at the end, and if the guilty one is the one I guessed to be I was double happy and proud of my sleuth-skills! 😛





 4. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn by Mark Twain, Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain, Treasure Island , Gulliver’s Travels by Jonathan Swift – I grew up with these books and simply treasure them. 🙂





5. Arabian Nights and Buri Aair HadhuBoth these books played a significant role in my growing years. In both of them, along with good stories there was a lesson to learn at the end of each short story. Most of the stories stayed with me and will do forever.

dust-off-book-cover 9781435101180_p0_v2_s260x420

6. Charlotte Web by E. B. White – I read this book as a child and revisited it recently. This is one of my all-time favourite books I read. My thoughts on the book can be found here.


7. Sidney Sheldon BooksI was introduced to his books in high school. I loved his books which involved crime, suspense, mystery and thrill.


8. Love Story by Erich Segal & P.S. I love You by Cecelia Ahern– Both of these made me cry and made me a believer in the power of true love, together with all its trials & tribulations. It may sound sappy, but it’s the truth!




9. Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert – The best part in this book for me is her 4 months in Italy- reading this part was delightful. 🙂 Tasting those mouth-watering delicacies of the country and her vivid description made me salivate and rush to those lesser known streets and taste the savoury delights!


10. Doctors by Erich Segal – During my school days, I once picked up this book from a railway station. After reading this book about the life of doctors, their struggles and various ups and downs and the fun parts too, my decision to become a doctor was all the more firm.


Most people who know me are aware of the fact that as a kid I wanted to be a doctor and even tried to get admission into a medical college. However, after a failed attempt I did not try further.

11. Gone Girl by Gilian Flynn– Now this is one whacky book, very different from what I had read in all these years. A psychological thriller that takes you on a roller coaster ride and also that makes you thinks about different aspects of a husband-wife/ long time relationship. My review of the book can be found here.


12. To Sir, With Love by E.B. Braithwaite – I had picked this book after my friend and fellow blogger Natasha recommended it from our office library. And it is a pleasant one with many takeaways that stays with the reader. My thoughts on the book can be found here.


13. Memoirs of a Geisha by Arthur Golden  – I loved the book and the movie as well. And it is an exception for I seldom like the movie version of a book. Reading about the making of a geisha and their struggle-filled life in an era gone by was a very different experience. This book makes me want to visit Japan and witness the cherry blossoms, it is in my bucketlist. 🙂


14. Pride & the Prejudice by Jane Austen – This is another of my all-time favourite novels. Simply love Mr Darcy and Elizabeth too! 🙂


15. The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri – I wanted to read Jhumpa Lahiri and had picked it up with an open mind. And soon I became her fan. This book was heart-touching. As the blurb of the book says – “With penetrating insight, she reveals not only the defining power of the names and expectations bestowed upon us by our parents, but also the means by which we slowly, sometimes painfully, come to define ourselves.”


16. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown –I simply loved this book – symbols, varied interpretations, work of Leonardo da Vinci, secret society, ancient truth, religion – it had everything to make it a page-turner.


17. The Palace Of Illusion by Chitra Divakaruni  – It was a pleasant experience to read about the Indian epic, Mahabharata, from a female perspective (Panchaali/Draupadi). The way the author mixed facts with imagination, it gave out a magical result for all of us to read. You can read my thoughts on this book here.


18. The Twentieth Wife by Indu Sundaresan – it is the 1st book of the Taj Trilogy and this is my favourite amongst the three. Here the author blends history and imagination in a lucid way transporting the reader to the Mughal era. It is simply a book to be treasured and revisited.


19. Immortals of Meluha by Amish – It is the 1st book of the Shiva Trilogy and among the 3, this is my favourite. What I love most about it is the way the author gives a rockstar avatar to a Hindu God in one of the most creative piece of fictional work. The concept was new and it simply worked for me.


20. Bucketlist of a Traveloholic by Sarika Pandit  – It is my favourite book of 2014 till now. Read my thoughts on it & the author interview here.


So friends, have you read any of these book and if yes which ones? Do share your thoughts on them.

Image source: Google & Goodreads


  1. I’ve read a few on your list. I haven’t read THE NAMESAKE, but I did read UNACCUSTOMED EARTH by Jhumpa Lahiri a few years ago and enjoyed it very much.

      1. Thank you! Feel free to visit me – although I do need to learn more about WordPress – there are some amazing looking blogs on here! I’m not fantastic with technology. I’ve discovered 3 or 4 super new blogs today, so I’m a happy worm!

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