I love taking pictures here and there, of this and that with my mobile phone camera(currently using Nokia Lumia 720). And I often share them on social media. However there are many which gets stored in a folder of my hard disk.

Last June, I stumbled upon Writer’s Ezine and sent them one of my photos to be considered for publishing in any of their forthcoming issues. And to my delight, they included it in their October issue! 🙂

Here is a link to the issue –


  1. Congratulations!! Beautiful photo and I love the sentiment as well. Yes, no matter how impossible the circumstances, we can all thrive, grow, and be better than ever.

  2. What a beautiful photo, Madhusmita, and I love the text explaining your discovery as well. I too believe that even under the most difficult of circumstances we can thrive and grow, but there must be a determination that refuses to acknowledge impossibility.
    Congratulations on the publication!

    1. thanks Shelley! this thought camme to my mind the moment I saw it and hence clicked the photo immediately. I am glad you liked both the pic and the thought behind it 🙂

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