The sky that day….

In my part of the world, monsoons are about to end. And with it the rains will say goodbye to us except those occasional visits in the months to come. One thing I love about the monsoons, apart from the rains of course, is the extravagant sound and light show Mother Nature puts up for us. And the day before yesterday was one such night. I could not capture the thundering skies but I did manage to click some pics of the lightened skies.

Here are the pics (kindly bear with the photo quality as they are all clicked with my cell phone as i was too mesmerized to remember to grab my camera):-

WP_20140913_011 WP_20140913_034 WP_20140913_043 WP_20140913_051


  1. Those are great photos. I love watching storms. There is something about the smell of fresh rain, that clap of thunder, flash of light, howl of winds, and sound of rain hitting the roof that really calls to me. I like night storms the best.

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