A disappointed heart…..


I thought you were different,

And so waited, and waited and waited some more…..

For you to understand,

And each passing day was painful enough to ache my soul inside-out…

Years of understanding and nurturing and love and respect,

I wanted you to understand me, my being different and support me too,

But I was disappointed,

All my dreams came crumbling down,

And I had my reality check,

You never asked me if I am okay…

But still, I have not lost hope as yet

And clinging to it with all my life,

The heavens above might shower kindness and love on me, as I wait for your next step

Wishes is all I can make for I can’t break your heart too,

I want hurt for none,

A happily ever-after is all I seek and pray for…..


Would love to hear your thoughts.........

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