Amidst the hills and the clouds…….

altAku8sk1TDaq8Kr7h1m6ppRhB8xLi0yc0ocCxELllEpPFThe Seven Sisters Fall

As I have already disclosed in my previous post, 9th of this month was my birthday. Since it was on a weekday, I and my friends decided to do some pre-bday celebration in the weekend. In the scorching heat and humidity, there was not much scope for any outdoor activity. And then one of my friends suggested a weekend getaway to Shillong (which is only about 3 hours away from Guwahati). And soon our plans started rolling.

Shillong was the capital of undivided Assam until the creation of the new state of Meghalaya. It is said that the rolling hills around the town reminded the European settlers of Scotland. Hence, Shillong is known as “Scotland of the East“. Read more about Shillong here –

It had been quite some time since my last visit to the place and it sounded like a perfect getaway from the heat and the crowds too. Since it was only a 1 night stay we decided to head directly to Cherrapunjee (also called Sohra) which is around 1.5 hour away from Shillong.

Cherrapunjee is credited as being the wettest place on Earth. You can read more about Cherrapunjee here – .

We basically wanted to laze around without very less or almost no activity. While checking for accommodation, one of my friends came up with the name Sa-i-Mika, a resort in Cherrapunjee. When I checked their website ( I immediately knew that this was where I wanted to go this summer. 🙂 Calls were made, bookings were done, group members were finalized, car was booked and on the 7th Saturday morning we packed our bags and set on our journey to the hills. Since we started early in the morning, traffic was not an issue and we reached Cherrapunjee in about 4.5 hours. We took a tea break in Nongpoh and then a Maggi break before reaching Cherrapunjee. The fresh air we breathed and the chill in the air soothed our souls. When our car made its way through the winding roads of Cherrapunjee, we were busy ooh-aahing at the nature’s beauty around us. The clouds floating by against the green backdrop was a pleasant sight.

When we finally reached our resort, some more happiness awaited us. The resort is nestled amidst some hills and had some quaint, stone cottages for accommodation. We were allotted 2 rooms overlooking the pool and the green hills. We could not have asked for more! The trip overall was relaxing, fun and proved a perfect weekend getaway. The photos I am including in the post will vouch for that –

WP_20140607_028A bend in the road

altAg2nLPYBA3X_807T0OTKqQxWyD9TlClxf1JXvdjYHlS0 The hills and the clouds are soothing for the soul

altAkYaWOeCVtNPW6zzKP-lg394qTokp2JZLwC1RoJOh0Tt I would love to live in this house 🙂

WP_20140607_003 Nature’s lap

IMG_0153 Maggi in the hills

IMG_0156 ……and it was deliciousssss! 😀

WP_20140607_009somewhere on our way

IMG_9245 The resort, nestled amidst some hills

WP_20140607_023 IMG_0193 IMG_9456 WP_20140607_015 WP_20140607_027

WP_20140607_012Happy me! 🙂 IMG_9436That’s where we stayed 🙂 WP_20140607_017Just like that!
WP_20140607_020 Life goes on even when situations are tough…. IMG_0171The Basket RockIMG_0170 The legend behind…… IMG_9289 Mesmerized!IMG_0174 That’s the view…..
IMG_9416Joy-jump!!! 😀
WP_20140609_009Bday cakes – one from home and one from my bestie!!! 🙂
IMG_9327Party time! 🙂

This trip will definitely go into my list of the most memorable trips of my life! 🙂



  1. Lovely pics abd surely scotland of east..beautiful place..the greenery.. the mountains..the cluds ..awesome. .

    Many happy returns of the day.. happy birthday a bit belated though..

  2. Belated Happy Birthday! Seems like you had a great time! What a relaxing and fun way to spend your birthday. 🙂

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