The Milk of Female Kindness: An Anthology of Honest Motherhood – my thoughts


Author/Contributors – Various

Blurb –

‘Mother’ is a word heavy with associations.
Becoming a mother is surely one of the biggest changes and challenges in a woman’s life. It is at once an absolutely unique experience, and yet one which is so common that it is often overlooked. Motherhood is intense, relentless and absorbing, in all senses of the word.
Popular culture seems to have a split personality when it comes to motherhood – at once holding it up as a sacred ideal, and yet being a little dismissive of women as mothers. A diverse international group of women have been brave enough to share their stories, poetry and artwork to encourage you to think and feel about this most influential of relationships in a new and enlightened way.

My thoughts –

This book was sent to me by fellow blogger Sandra and editor of the book Kasia James in exchange of an honest review. I am grateful to them that they arranged to send a hard copy of the book when I said I prefer it over e-books. Thank you ladies! 🙂

Motherhood is a life changing event in the life of a woman. I am not a mother yet. But having seen many new mothers around me I can see the myriad of emotions they experience in this transition from being just a woman to a mother – it is indeed a mixed bag of difficulties and happiness. 🙂

The Milk of Female Kindness is an anthology of stories, poems, artwork, articles, etc. about mothers and motherhood and things associated with it from various perspectives. Women from different countries have contributed in this book. One can feel the warmth, love, challenges, joy, trials and tribulations that comprise the journey of a mother. It is an honest book that speaks of real experiences. Every chapter of the book has been genuinely penned down by the writers based on their own individual experiences.  The book is to be read slowly absorbing the message the story/article/poem wants to convey, before moving on to the next one. This book is definitely a roller coaster ride of various emotions, happiness, pain, longing and most of all, love – which motherhood entails. I am sure every reader will find here something they can connect to.

Final wordsA must read for a beautiful reading experience.


  1. The book was sent by the author(s) and my opinions are unbiased.




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    “A book to be read slowly…” says Madhusmita Phukon. Read her review of the anthology ‘The Milk of Female Kindness’, which includes my two short stories ‘Tin-Can’ and ‘The Biscuit Tin’.

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