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Sometimes you get hopeful and dream that things will fall in place just the way you want them to…….you start building castles on the bed of those hopes and dreams……feeling happy and hopeful of a beautiful future ahead………but then all it takes is one moment to shatter all of them…….the castles come tumbling down. And then you are left alone in an empty space, all by yourself…… are a strong person they say…….you are then expected to pick up those bits and start over again…… one notices that you get hurt while picking up the bits and that the scars will remain forever….the tears dry up… might hide them but they will never disappear……and this is when you realize that you want to melt in the nothingness and vanish forever…….peace wrapping  you all over like a warm blanket on a winter night.

I walk a lonely road…..

The only one that I have ever known…….

I walk this empty street

On the Boulevard of Broken Dreams


  1. Reading this post, made me feel sad, but I think it is reality for a lot of people, probably everyone at some point in their life. Beautifully written and well thought out.

  2. Hey Dear..u spread smiles..dis made me sad..
    but I agree with your words..beautifully written..

  3. Well here is what i beleive in.. when the dream has shattered.. nothing can be done BUT you close your eyes .. DREAM Another DREAM and work on it ..

    how many times will they shatter.. one day it will come TRUE for sure ..

    lovely writeup.. the truth of LIfe

    1. Sometimes when it is a dream that is dreamed only for once and can never be replaced with another, it becomes difficult and painful too…..but yes, life can be difficult at times :/
      BTW welcome to my space 🙂 I hope you come back again 🙂

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