Potluck: A Literary Collection of the Critique Group – my thoughts


Author – Various

Blurb –

From the intimate to pure fantasy, from first person experiences to travelogues, Potluck is a collection of stories and reflections by a group of Mumbai-based writers from diverse backgrounds. Working mothers, single women, senior executives, a Catholic priest, a Hindu monk, and a writer from Slovenia, are all a part of the Critique Group. You might relive a fond or long-lost memory or be happily transported into a new world as you savour the stories.

My thoughts –

First of all, many thanks to Pooja from Become Shakespeare , for sending me this book along with A Cupful of Aha! And thanks for being patient with my reading & reviewing time. 🙂

The book is a bouquet of 26 very different stories from 13 authors from different walks of life, including a Hare Krishna monk, an HR manager, a Media executive, a Jesuit priest, a techie turned ISCKON monk, an architect, etc. The stories were based on various subjects and had no common theme tying them together. Just like a potluck meal, where one gets to taste a variety of flavours, in this book too one gets to enjoy stories from various viewpoints on life reflecting the author’s experiences. Some of them are great, some average while a few ones I am not quite sure what to make out of them. Each of the stories had some reality in it and many may find something relatable in them.

Final words – A satisfying experience and this book will definitely leave a mark on the reader’s perspectives towards various aspects of life.

[This review is linked to my Indian Quills Challenge 2014 target (read about the challenge here)]


  1. I love collections of stories such as this. They are wonderful for those times when you want something to read, but don’t want to start a new book. They are great for reading while waiting for an appointment. Your review made me want the book.

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