Why do you love it?

Fellow blogger Musings from a Bookmammal had shared this very interesting info graphic in her blog today – it is for ‘real book’ lovers. Proceed if you are one –

real books

Someone who reads my blog definitely knows that I am a self-proclaimed hardcover/ paperback book-lover. The e-book thingy has still not touched me; but then every now and then the benefits of e-book s makes me think about giving them a chance. I guess, only time will tell what I decide down the years….sigh!

As for the picture above, here is where I stand –

  1. Feeling – yes I do like the feel of real books; turning the pages and unraveling the secrets gives me immense pleasure.
  2. Learning – yes, of course. I mean when do you not learn a new thing from a book?
  3. Sharing – I do share my books with book-loving friends. But these days, I think twice before lending my treasured possessions because many a times they have been returned to me in very bad conditions. 😡
  4. Seeing – don’t the beautiful cover of a book or flipping the colourful pages of an illustrated book gives us joy & happiness – it does for me 🙂
  5. Re-selling – Naah, this one is not for me. I never sell my books.
  6. Collecting – I do it once in a while, when it is pocket-friendly.
  7. Giving – I love gifting books to people who love them just as me. 🙂 Also, a book is the best gift someone can ever give me – and this has not changed since I was a child. 🙂
  8. Shopping – making my way through the rows of books arranged in a book-shop, fighting my urge to buy many of them when I already have a too-long TBR at home, discovering a little, not-very-famous gem of a book, hitting the buy button whenever the book-selling websites sends me mails informing discounted prices of my wishlist books – this is one of the best retail therapy to soothe my soul 🙂
  9. Smelling – I have already done a post on the heavenly smell of books. You can read it here.
  10. Posing – I don’t remember doing it.

So, all you book-loving people, which categories do you fall into?

Or do you have anything to add to the list?

Read BookMammal’s post herehttp://bookmammalmusings.wordpress.com/2014/05/05/musing-mondays-why-we-still-love-real-books/

Original image source herehttp://ebookfriendly.com/top-reasons-choosing-print-book-ebook-infographic/

Read my other bookish rants here – https://dreamzandclouds.wordpress.com/my-lil-book-corner/


  1. This is a fantastic graphic. I do read a lot on my kindle but I also still love physical books for the different experience of turning the pages with weight in your hands but most of all I miss sharing my books when I only have it on my eReader. I like it when fellow booklovers come to my house and browse my bookshelves for something to borrow.

  2. I definitely like the feel of a real book. You can;t get the same experience with an e-book. I read both, however. The e-book is more convenient.

  3. I love a ‘real’ book, sometimes money and space come into play though :/ I do have books on the Kindle and it’s convenient but…not the same.

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