22577-clip-art-graphic-of-a-book-cartoon-character-holding-a-yellow-sales-price-tag-by-toons4bizIn every opportunity I have got to express it, in my blog, I have declared myself to be a hardcore paperback/hardcover reader. And nothing has changed as yet for me. 🙂 The smell of books & the happiness I feel when I flip through the pages is, still, far greater for me to buy a kindle or any other e-book reader. I know with the ‘real books’, there is this issue of storage & maintenance. However, there is one more significant difference that might make any real-book-fan get converted to an e-book-fan and that is the price difference between the two. :/

Over the years I have cultivated this habit of buying books – the ones I love or the ones by my favourite author or the ones suggested by people to me with similar reading habits or the ones in the best sellers list. And when I collect any of these books I do not think much about the price…. especially if it’s a book I am eagerly waiting for to hit the stands. However, if the price is over my budget for the month, I might wait for a month or so & save enough to buy it. But, at the end of the day, I do buy it. However, if the book is by a new author or I have not heard much good things or for that matter nothing at all, about the book, I might think twice before hitting the “add-to-cart” button. Most often I put these books in my Amazon/Flipkart Wishlist & may or may not buy them eventually. I might even wait for the price to come down if I feel that it is worth a chance. After all I budget a fixed sum of money every month for buying my books & I cannot afford to waste my hard-earned bucks over something I am not sure I would like. Makes sense, right? Also, the price tag sometimes makes me compromise on hardcovers & settle for paperbacks. Over & above these I also avail any good deals I may come across, either in shops or websites or even used book-stores,etc., to buy books that are in my to-buy list….that’s the economical me. 🙂

So you see price of a book does affect my book buying decisions & I fear that apart from all other advantages, this one may also score a point for my buying an e-book reader! But then only time can tell this…. 🙂

This post is linked to Booking Through Thursday (10/04/2014). Today’s question is – Does the price of a book affect your decision about buying it? Do you wait for cheaper editions of books you want?



  1. I do consider price while buying books. It seems like the cost of book ownership is just going higher and higher, and knowing my generally impulsive nature, I try to keep things in check.

  2. I do consider the price. I’d love to immediately purchase every book that I want to read, but I do have to buy food, too! Sometimes there’s a book that I just can’t wait for, and I’ll go ahead and buy it in hardcover. Usually I will wait for the paperback, and then go online and find a really nice used hardcover copy for less than the price of the new paperback.

  3. It is an unfortunate thing to consider now, I buy mostly e-books just for this reason. I have a very small budget and wouldn’t be able to get new books if not for e-books.

  4. I hesitate before buying physical books for this reason, my kindle has saved me a fortune on books I really want but I have to admit I have bought books on the ‘daily deal’ that I would have thought harder about if it wasn’t for the price, for a while I spent more than usual because of the marketing. There are some books I don’t wait for but I do buy lots of second-hand books too.

  5. I find the Kindle easy to carry around and being a tree lover, I think of all the trees I’m saving by buying e-books 🙂 But yes, it’s definitely a better experience holding and reading a paper book, the small, the texture, the act of turning the pages, even flipping through the pages … is more sensual than reading an e-book 🙂

  6. I am conscious about the prices of the books too. And the expensive ones, I check and read reviews before buying it. I was not a fan of e-books, but i explored it earlier this year and I am loving the experience. So, yes a Kindle is on my wish list. Try the Kindle app on your phone, I am sure you will like the experience too 🙂

  7. yea.. I consider the price as well.. but if its my favorite author and I don’t want to wait.. I usually end up buying the book!
    Or sometimes, common sense kicks in and I wait for the paperback to be out! 😀

    I’m not a huge fan of ebooks though I do read them once in a while

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