banner_151I came across this interesting & very informative post about adrenal fatigue in the blog of Random House India. It’s called THE LOVE DIET QUIZ.

[Learn about adrenal fatigue here –]

I had never come across this medical condition earlier. So, I went ahead & took the quiz & I was glad to find that I am still in the safer zone.

Here are the details of the test

A. Scoring system

  1. Yes = 2 points
  2. No = 0 points
  3. Sometimes = 1 point

B. The questions

  1. I have a craving for salty foods
  2. I find each task requires an enormous amount of effort
  3. I find it difficult to wake up in the morning
  4. I have a decreased sex drive
  5. I do have feelings of fear
  6. I tend to retain a lot of water in my body
  7. I am constantly under stress of some sort
  8. I am dealing with respiratory issues
  9. I suffer from allergies
  10. I tend to reach for alcohol when stressed
  11. I have diabetes
  12. I can’t think straight under pressure
  13. I tend to shake when I am nervous
  14. I suffer from stomach issues (especially when nervous)
  15. My sleep does not relieve my tiredness
  16. My muscles feel weak
  17. I get headaches often
  18. I suffer from low/high blood pressure
  19. I have feelings of despair often
  20. I get easily tired
  21. I have low tolerance to people and things that don’t get done
  22. I am slow when I wake up in the morning
  23. I usually sleep till late in the mornings
  24. I suffer from skin problems
  25. I have constant pain in my body
  26. I have asthma
  27. I have dark circles under my eyes
  28. Women: I suffer from PMS (bloating, cramps, pain, mood swings)
  29. I need coffee or tea to get me up in the morning
  30. I crave meats, pulses, eggs, chicken
  31. I do not exercise regularly
  32. I have no sense of confidence in my life
  33. I have joint pains
  34. I am not a happy person
  35. My nails are blue-ish or white in colour.

C. Results:

  • If YES > 10 = you are suffering from adrenal fatigue
  • If SOMETIMES >10 or more = you are pre-disposed to adrenal fatigue
  • If you selected NO> 5 or more statements = you are doing fine

Read the original post here –

I hope this article will be useful/informative for you my readers & I hope every one of you is in the safe zone. Take care! 🙂


  1. Adrenal fatigue. Hmmm… that’s an interesting concept! I did this quiz and I am safe too! 🙂

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