Life’s simple joys!

It was a cold, winter evening, late January I think. After our office hours, I and my friend had gone out for some apparel shopping for her oncoming birthday. After going from one shop to another, making our way through this brand and that, we managed to buy a few this and that.

Soon we were headed home. Every time the cold wind hit us, we pulled our sweaters closer to us.  Both of us craved for a cup of hot & steamy cup of tea. But then, we were not in the mood to spend some more money as well as time, eating in a fancy restaurant, for it was getting late. That’s when we saw a vendor selling pakodas & chowmein in the roadside. Both of us looked at each other and smiled, why not we both said out aloud. And soon, we were gorging on some crispy hot pakodas & veg- chowmein. And we relished every bit! We finished it up with our much-needed cup of hot tea…it was awesome! And when we were about to pay, we were in for a surprise, for everything we ate we had to pay only Rs.60!!

And as we headed home with our tummies full & heart contented, we both agreed that the satisfaction that the food we had gave us was far more than the shopping we had done in the mall…..happiness indeed comes in simple (& cheap) things! 🙂

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