Grass is always greener on the other side…..

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I am in my late twenties & unmarried. I have a 9 to 5 job to take care of my bills & even lend a helping hand to my parents every now & then. Owing to my financial independence & understanding & supportive parents, I am living a life of my own choices. I travel to far & near places whenever I can gather up the resources; I wear & eat whatever I feel like, etcetera. In short I am living life on my own terms……at least till now.

Very often my friends or acquaintances say that I am lucky to live a life like this. Yes, I am loving every bit of my present life but then I have had done my share of hard work to reach here. Also, it is not that I don’t have to deal with the twists & turns that life throws my way every now & then. The constant question of when & to whom am I getting married because all my friends are already happily married off & some of them have even delivered their babies! Then there is the fluctuating bank balances because of the trips I take and the shopping I do for my retail therapy. Not to mention the exhaustion & stress my bread earning source provides me with. And there are so many more……. So you see, my life is not a bed of roses either!

shooting star picThey live in paradise (Seychelles), but their lives are not a bed of roses either. (Source : The Shooting Star)

The point I am trying to make here is that no body’s life is perfect – in fact I am of the opinion that it can never be. But the key to happiness inspite of all the odds is to be grateful for whatever one has & try to be happy with all the lil’ joys life presents us with. Every one of us has a unique life with our own set of highs & lows, so there is no point in comparing our life with that of another. It will make us unhappier & less grateful for the good things in our own lives. Even science says that positive emotions & thinking leads to good health – inside as well as outside.

So friends let us appreciate & be thankful for what we have in your own hands & stop looking at the package in our friend’s hands! Also let us celebrate the lil’ things in our own lives, smile more, praise others whenever we get the opportunity & slow down sometimes to savour the moments, like they say “take time to smell the roses”! 🙂

Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful! ~ Annette Funicello


  1. What a wonderful post! You are so right about no one’s life if perfect, but it is definitely what you choose to make of it. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Love the post. We are all fighting a battle and we have our fair share of struggle in life. Let’s appreciate what we have, dare to dream and go on an adventurous spree that makes our hearts happy:)

  3. Yes! Madhusmita I totally love this post. I love the way you think and would have to agree that you are living a full and balanced beautiful life. You ooze gratitude. And still you see the work and effort that go into making such a rich life as part of that necessary recipe. Yes, the occasional sunken souffle happens, but it’s still delicious and worthy of making.
    Wonderful words. Perfect sentiments!

    1. thank you for the kind words Shelley ! 🙂
      I simply opt for gratitude & appreciation over complaining….after all if I have to compare at all aren’t I living a much better life than some lesser privileged ones 🙂

  4. I confess I am secretly jealous when I come to office on Mondays and hear the stories of the single and fancy free. Your post is a welcome reminder to be thankful for all the good things in my life as well 🙂

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