A Cupful of Aha! – my thoughts



Author – Anandaa


“…Hello,” I said, “Can’t say I’ve seen you around here before.”

She smiled again…and my heart melted.

“No, you haven’t,” she giggled.

 “For I have come especially to meet you today; I am Death, and it is time.”

What happens when Death comes for you…and you start arguing over coffee?

… a quirky tale that offers a whole new perspective into one of life’s deepest mysteries…

 My thoughts

This book is a cute & small pocket-sized novella. I liked the cover of the book – showing a cup of coffee with a smiley on it & the image of a lady emerging from the smoke with outstretched hands ending in a cluster of stars! It is quite apt with the content of the book- that’s my opinion though. 🙂

The premise of the story is what hooked me into the book in the first place. The idea of the book is very much out of the box. 🙂 It starts off with a conversation in a coffee shop between a guy & an attractive lady who introduces herself as his death. Instead of the usual image of death in our minds – a pot-bellied, heavy moustached, black man riding a black buffalo, the author uses the image of a lady & this is where he scored a few points for me. Soon the guy goes through some quite different & unexpected after-death experiences with Lady Death, which were not at all like the ones we are taught to believe. Let me tell you, there was no hell or heaven for him but a series of realization & discoveries and in the end he realizes, “I could never live and love life fully, unless I loved death as well”.

This book is a fun, quirky & superfast read too. It can be rightly touted as “chota packet, bada dhamaka”. The inter-mix of humour, love, philosophy, self-realisation, discovering the ultimate truth was very good. At this point, however, I would like to say that though the author did a pretty good job, he did not quite reach where he intended to take the readers to. It was kind of a little short of being ‘very impactful’.

I would like to end saying that the author did a good job of presenting this book with a bit of quirkiness. The book left me with a few smiles & some points to ponder upon too! 🙂

I received a copy of the book from the publishers BecomeShakespeare.com. Thanks to Pooja for sending me a copy of this interesting & fun read!

Some excerpts of the book I liked – 

  1. “Wait, wait!” I say, seeing a glimmer of light, “Life is a journey and the journey is the destination?”

  2. “An aha moment?” she smiles at me knowingly. “it’s true, you know. Forget logic, love is simply magic.”

[This review is linked to my Indian Quills Challenge 2014 target (read about the challenge here)]



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