Which category does your co-worker fall into?


March has been a busy month this year – busier than the past 4 years of my short career. 😦 All I can think of is work, work & work. My life is revolving around my office – home – office. I am dreaming about sanctions, disbursements, recovery, compliances & the similar things of a banker job. Anyhow, this post is not to complain or about my coping up with the busy month, but about something interesting I saw in the net today. It is a list of the 10 types of worst co-workers, ever!

Read on the list if you are interested (copied from the original post) –

  1. The Sneaky UnderminerDishing out back-handed compliments, accidentally leaving you off important meetings or calls, not inviting you to company gatherings…sound familiar? Yep, underminers see you as a threat. Your very existence makes them feel insecure and jealous – otherwise, why would they go to such lengths to not include you?
  2.  The Deadline Misser‘My dog ate my homework’ didn’t work in high school, and it won’t work today. And, yet, plenty of people think they can get away with submitting their work hours or days late. Not so.
  3.  The SaboteurThe hardest person to work with at any office is a liar. They’re the ones who claim to have done it all, seen it all, and met everyone…yet their stories never quite add up. These people frequently over-promise and under-deliver. Their actions – or lack thereof – might be starting to affect your job if you’re being forced to go behind them, picking up the pieces. And, it’s even more likely to be a problem if any of this dishonesty is intentional or coming at the expense of your good name.
  4. The Chronic Complainer: These types are sure to bring you (and everyone else) down, but you have to proactively make sure that they don’t. But, before you can do that, you have to be careful not to get sucked into their web of negativity. Complainers are either fault-finding and blame-assigning, or they are the types of ‘no’ people who tend to reply with phrases like ‘we already tried that’ and ‘that could never fly.’ Either way, this negativity is going to unnerve the team, and it’s most definitely not going to help get things done.
  1. The OvershadowerThe overshadower is a more menacing cousin of the overachiever. This person will always want to one-up you. Anything you do, she will want to do bigger, better, and faster. But, behind that perfect façade is often someone who is seriously lacking in self-confidence. Blow her out of the water by staying calm and confident – never flying into a fit or losing your cool.
  2. The SlackerSneaky and slippery, slackers are infinitely smarter than they look. In fact, their workplace goal is often to trick you into doing all or part of their job for them. How do they manage this? By playingdumb, acting ill-informed, or being just plain lazy.
  3.  The Kiss UpThis character uses compliments, praise, and lots of saccharine sweetness to get noticed by senior people and move ahead of coworkers. The kiss-up is hard to combat because she can make even the nicest person look a little lackluster.
  4. The Leap-Before-You-LookerWho hasn’t experienced working with a colleague or even boss who doesn’t thoughtfully plot ideas before executing them? Their energy levels are off the charts – but, in a way, you pay a price for that vigor. This type of coworker is great for bringing morale and liveliness to the office, but when it comes time to buckle down and do work, it’s much harder to rein them in.
  5.  The Drama QueenShe (or he – don’t let ‘queen’ in the title throw you off) thrives on overreacting to even the most minor of occurrences and constantly demands attention from everyone in the office. The Drama Queen is prone to exaggeration, so take everything you hear with a grain of salt.
  6. The LurkerThe key to engaging with the person who hovers uncomfortably and needs attention is to keep your interactions brief. Ask direct questions and demand succinct answers. Communicate in group meetings or over e-mail whenever you can (it keeps things less personal).

I have to admit that I can relate a few of my co-workers to the above categories and boy, they do make the workplace a difficult one many a times. 😉

Personally, I believe that along with the company HR practices & work culture, the people we work with make or mar our work-life. After all we spend majority time of a day in our office & are surrounded by the people we work with. And no matter how hard we try to not let them affect us, they always will. Although no work space will be full of people we would ideally want to work with, if at least a majority of them gives us the comfort to work around each other without much friction, our work life will be quite pleasant. 🙂

Do you have any worker who falls in the list above?


Original article herehttp://ca.finance.yahoo.com/photos/meet-10-worst-coworkers-ever-slideshow/-photo-2723266-173100549.html




  1. It’s been quite a few years since I worked in an office, but it doesn’t matter if you are at a job or volunteering, you can always find someone to fit into one of these categories. LOL. I wonder what category I would be placed into.

  2. Oh Dear.. So good to see the notification of your blog post in my mail box.. Mark of March end.. Can’t express but really missing your posts..

  3. Interesting post.. liked it and mostly enjoyed relating my coworkers with the categories.. it was fun..

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