“There is no surprise more magical than the surprise of being loved.” 
Charles Morgan

I love surprises, pleasant ones I mean. But then who does not, right? 07/03/2014 was a day full of such surprises for me. Read on if you are interested to know about it…… 🙂 😉

At work, we were celebrating Women’s Day (yeah, it was a day in advance). All ladies were asked to be dressed up in traditional attires for the occasion. Entering into the office that day was like a festive occasion. Almost all the ladies were dressed up in fineries & all of us were ooh/aah-ing at each other’s dresses. Just when the initial excitement was subsiding, every female employee was gifted a hamper consisting of – a red rose, a FABINDIA soap (I got a jasmine one) & a set of two hand-woven cushion covers. Isn’t it nice?


Then, I hurried to my desk trying hard to concentrate & get some work done, because the events for the day were supposed to start from 3 pm. I had to finish all the urgent work before that. As I punched the keys on the keyboard (without an iota of interest 😛 ) the office reception guy came & delivered two packages to me. I was quite surprised. I had not ordered anything online/offline & neither was I expecting anything from anyone. I started opening the packages instantly. One of them contained this –


The lovely BIBLIOBETH had sent two more books to me as I was the winner of her 1st blogoversary giveaway. Earlier she had sent me – The Flavours of Love & I am an Executioner.  Isn’t it lovely of her? Thanks a ton, once again, Bibliobeth! I can’t wait to read all of them.  And by the way, I have started reading The Flavours of Love from yesterday….and I am loving it! 🙂

The next package was a bigger surprise. When I tore it open I saw that it was a packet from one of the popular online sites in India – MYNTRA. I was surprised because I had not ordered anything from them for quite a long time. Also, neither was my birthday anywhere nearby. I quickly tore open the plastic wrapper & reached the cardboard box. On top of it was attached a handwritten letter – immediately I recognized the handwriting & knew who was the sender! It was Angira, one of my dear friends, who had sent me two kurtis (tunics) made of handwoven fabric. She had taken the pains to get them tailored too! Thanks a lot sweety! :* Here is what she had sent me –


So, as you can see, 7th March, was a day full of pleasant surprises for me! Thanks to both the ladies and my office people too, for making it a memorable day! I was a happy soul. The day ended on a positive note with the guest speaker, Dr. Shabina Ahmed (MBBS, MD, Managing Trustee of Assam Autism Foundation & a Consultant Developmental Pediatrician), speaking on “Living Life Positively”, presentation of songs by two melodious colleagues, poem recitation, lots of female bonding over jokes, etc & topping them off with some high tea. 🙂
I'm-into-all-that-sappy-stuff-a-surprise-picnic-nice-dinner-or-traveling-I'm-kind-of-an-old-romantic-Will-Estes-quoteyeah, that’s totally me! 🙂

Images – self clicked & Google


  1. Such lovely surprises! Sounds like you had a very special Women’s Day come early 🙂

  2. Thank u dear for appreciating in such a lovely way..Happy that you received the parcel on the eve of WD and it could be a part of Womenhood Celebration.. 🙂

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