What’s for dinner?


This is the question I dread the most, every day – without fail. Living away from home & being responsible for my lil’ sister (who is by the way a choosy & picky eater like a kid), I have this duty to prepare something nice (read – edible) every evening, that both of us can enjoy & eat whole-heartedly. Being late risers, both of us hurry through our breakfast to be at office/college on time & lunch is usually at office/college canteen. So the only meal cooked at home (except the weekends) & eaten peacefully & leisurely, is our dinner.

Being entrusted with the job to cook this only ‘special’ meal of the day entails a lot of pressure – even if it is for the two of us only. I am not joking guys. On my way back to home from office, this is what I start thinking about – what’s in the fridge, do I need to buy vegetables/meat/fish/eggs or other ingredients to cook a particular dish, will my sister eat this particular dish, etc etc. Every now & then some cookery show in TV or a food blog occasionally helps me to come up with something easy & nice but most of the times I am too lazy to go through a fixed number of steps – sounds like a Herculean task for me to do every day! Then sometimes, those spontaneous outing to some restaurant, after office, saves the day for me. But then, on all other days this question hangs heavy over me. I miss you Maa & also the luxury of ready-made dinner at the table ready to be devoured. 😦

1Yeah, this is what we do many a times 😛

I can face the world of numbers/ratios/sanction/recovery with a brave face & without much worry the whole day, but when it comes to this question I come under a lot of performance pressure.

Has it ever happened to you?

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  1. Err…how come you guys don’t take turns to cook? Trust me, if my little sis was living with me, no way would she be waited on hand and foot. Especially if she was a picky eater. Coming to the food aspect in general, I live away from home (and have for the last 9 years) and in the past year or so, have tried to make a meal plan over the weekend and cook as much as I can for the week ahead so I’m not stressing out about it after work or eating crap because I’m tired.

    1. Hahaha…….she is not waited hand & foot, she actually does the cleaning up & does the dishes.
      And as for planning for one whole week ahead, that’s not for me because first I prefer freshly cooked meals rather than heating the ones kept in the fridge. 2nd I have these sudden plans of eating out with my friends many a times & 3rd, what I cook & eat depends on my mood on that day. So i guess this planning thing won’t work for me 😛 But its good to know that you are quite good at meal-planning & not faced by this question 🙂

  2. Haha..This happens to me everyday..Morning is a rush hour..so it is like anything eatable but in the evening I call it a “brainstorming session” to decide whats for dinner..something which can justify the lunch prepared in a rush..

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