A new world

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It was her aunt’s wedding & she was sitting in a corner of the room. She was not like her cousins who enjoyed shouting, running around & playing outside. She preferred watching them play. Often she wondered why she is different.

While she was watching them from a window in the first floor, her aunt saw her. She did not speak a word but silently led her to a door. And with the click of the key making the door open, the lil’ girl was led to a world which changed her life forever. She was awestruck! The room was full of books– of all shapes & sizes & colours; the walls covered with them – from top to bottom. Her aunt led her to a cupboard kept at the corner of the room & made her open it. And boy, she was overjoyed at the treasure inside it. It was full of colourful, little books. There were comics, picture books, short stories & what not. She was so mesmerized with the treasure infront of her that she could not decide which one to pick up first & so she closed her eyes and let her hands move over the books. Then she stopped & picked one out of the lot, her eyes still closed. And when she opened to see what her hands have picked, it was the – ALICE IN WONDERLAND. Soon she was happily transported down the rabbit hole to an enchanted world.

Even today, 15 years later, whenever she feels lonely or out of place or even bored, she picks up a book & soon she finds herself living in a world of an author’s making. Since that day till today, each of these journeys has always been wonderful & she has travelled many different lands, many eras, many palaces, many jungles, tribes, etc and for this she can never thank her aunt enough. 🙂

“You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.” Susan Wiggs

[THIS PIECE OF FICTION IS WRITTEN FOR WRITE TRIBE’S WEDNESDAY PROMPT write your thoughts, a story, a poem, using the picture below.


Picture courtesy – http://www.morguefile.com/archive/display/663547



  1. Amazing take on the prompt…”Key and a keyhole”– Unlocking and finding the way to a new world..And I do agree that books lay a way to a newer and a beautiful world..Great linkup..

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