It’s a matter of happiness!

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On a request from the lovely Ashima (from Lime ‘n’ Lemony), I had penned down a post for Volunteer Weekly, with whom she is associated closely. She is one person who inspires me with her simple & thoughtful words & deeds. And thanks to blogging that I met her!! Anyways, after some edits &  awesome pictures from her side, the post is up today. Here is an excerpt –

“I feel I’m privileged. I feel it’s an opportunity that I can share. Most often I have shared by helping out with specific needs. I bought clothes; I bought food; I bought things that were needed and I took it along with the non-material things like a big smile and a happy heart!

But recently I have faced the question of whether it is just better to give cash? The confusion came during a recent interaction with two little girls begging in the streets of Goa… more.

You can read the full post here. And do come back here to give me your thoughts/feedback. 😀

Thanks a lot Ashima, for featuring me on Volunteer Weekly! I look forward to more such association! 🙂

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    1. to each his own……..after all its a matter of conccern and love for a fellow being – food or money it really does not matter. andd above all, you should feel good doing it 🙂

  1. Hmm.. thought provoking post..

    But yes, at the end of the day – being happy and content is what matters!

    Stay happy always! 🙂

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