The Spirit Within – my thoughts

spiritAuthor – Sheila Parker

Blurb –

A typical battered woman/love triangle tale with a unique supernatural twist.
Who is Cassandra Blakemore?
Well, to her friends and family she’s simply known as “Cassy” who’s got the perfect life. She attends college, has a cute boyfriend, awesome friends and loving relatives. Except that charming boyfriend, Raleigh, ends up being her worst nightmare. One minute he’s a sweet and caring guy, then when he has a few drinks, he completely flips out by becoming abusive in ways that Cassy’s never seen before.
After experiencing what has tragically broken Cassy’s heart, she eventually flees to another city in search of a new beginning. But just when everything finally starts to go well, Cassy realizes that even she isn’t who she thinks she is.
She soon discovers abilities that she never knew existed within her. Powers like premonition, telekinesis and levitation. This all too familiar story comes with a supernatural twist that will delight every reader.

My thoughts –

I had won a signed copy of this book in a Goodreads Giveaway. 🙂 Here is how the book arrived. I liked the note included along with the book. It was a sweet gesture from the author’s side.


I loved the cover of the book and the thought behind it.

When I started reading this 1st book of the author, the language did not feel like that of a first time author. It was easy & smooth & I could read through it effortlessly. The structure of the plot along with the language was quite engaging. The story is about Cassandra Blakemore aka Cassy who is a college-going young girl who endures an abusive & alcoholic boyfriend. After one particular incident she had to run away from home to escape his abuse & in turn drop out of college. In her quest to start a fresh chapter in her life she had to take up a menial job to make ends meet. In certain turn of events, she returns to her abusive boyfriend, but regrets her decision within no time. This oh-so-familiar story though simple has some interesting twists & if attention is paid to the little details the novel is worth a read. I knew Uncle Mitch had an important role to play in Cassy’s life, but did not expect that …….. well done Sheila! I loved it. 🙂 When it ended, I felt the story can continue into another book. Do I smell a sequel, Ms. Parker?? 😉

So friends, if you are looking for a light read on romance & relationships with some bits of supernatural thrown in, go ahead and check this book out. 😀


I contacted the author, Sheila Parker, for a small interview. She was kind enough to take some time out and reply to my request. I am sharing it with you here –

D&C – First of all, congratulations for your first book. So how does it feel now that people are talking about you work?

Sheila – Thank you so much! I’m extremely happy with all the amazing feedback from my wonderful readers. It’s a definite dream come true to write something that they truly enjoy.

D&C – Tell us something about yourself.

Sheila – A couple of my hobbies that I love to do is to sketch and paint. Art is one of my favorite pastimes. I like to use charcoal pencils, watercolors and even acrylic paints as my mediums. 

D&C – Are you a fiction or non-fiction reader? Who is/are your favourite author(s)?

Sheila – I enjoy reading both fiction and nonfiction. I’ll read just about anything from poetry to short stories to full length novels. My favorite authors include Stephen King, Anne Rice and Bram Stoker. Their creative styles intrigue me greatly.

D&C – When did you start writing? Did you always wanted to become a writer or someone motivate you to do so?

Sheila – I’ve always wanted to be a writer ever since I began writing poetry as a child. I used to stare out the window when I was in school and make up poems in my head. Then later in life it escalated into writing children’s books and now novels.

D&C – Who is the critic of your work in your life?

Sheila – My critic I would have to say is me. I’m always thinking of ways to improve my writing.

D&C – Why did you decide to use supernatural twist in your 1st book? Any specific reasons?

Sheila – The supernatural has always been really fascinating to me because I do believe in the “unknown” and that there’s more out there waiting to be explored.

D&C – Are you thinking of a sequel of this book?

Sheila – Actually, I am currently working on the sequel to The Spirit Within. After this next book, there will be a third book to the story. As each one unfolds, more of the supernatural will be revealed, Cassy becomes more aware of her abilities and hidden truths will come to light that will definitely take the reader by surprise.

D&C – What are you currently working on?

Sheila – Aside from working on the sequel to The Spirit Within, I have a children’s book titled, Sydney & John in Middle School Jitters, that’s going to be released soon. It’s the second installment in my children’s series simply titled, Sydney & John. This is a collection of stories that are fun and easy for beginning readers.

Thank you Ms. Parker, for taking some time out to talk with me. I wish you success and best wishes for this book & the many more to come! 🙂


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