A ray of hope….

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Today it has been a year of that heinous crime. (May her soul rest in peace!) Nothing much has changed over the past year. Every day number of such incidents seem to be increasing. But even in this grim state-of-affairs, the one thing that looks like a ray of hope to me is that every day people – girls/parents, etc., are finding the courage to raise their voice against injustice meted out to them. Voices are being raised irrespective of the status of the alleged in society. And this is most certainly a good sign. It is high time people realize that the criminals & not the survivors should be looked down upon by the society.

Today, being a woman, I hope that this positive step progresses into many more steps forward, securing the destiny of a girl child.


I have written down my feelings & view-points in this matter in one of my earlier post . An excerpt is given below:

With the recent upsurge of events, post the heinous gang rape of a 23 yr old in the national capital, we have been led back to the old question – when will women get the due respect and will they be, ever, able to live a life of dignity & safety in our society? Every now and then, incidents related to crime/violence inflicted on women are reported. Be it female foeticide, molestation, domestic violence, witch hunting or the like, the list is long. Civilian response to this latest incident has been immense (both online as well as offline). It was like a simmering volcano which erupted.

However, the question still looms above us…..

Full post here: https://dreamzandclouds.wordpress.com/2013/01/06/blame-who/

Would love to hear your thoughts.........

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