34 Bubblegums and Candies – my thoughts


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Author – Preeti Shenoy

Blurb – Sometimes you have to keep on chewing so that you can extract whatever you can out of it. At times, the bubble you blow bursts unexpectedly and you are left with a sticky mess. Sometimes you lick it slowly and relish it. When you greedily bite off more than you can chew or a hard boiled sugar candy slips down inadvertently, you bear the pain as it makes its way down the food pipe. At rare times, when you manage to strike just the right balance, a feeling of contentment reigns supreme. Life does not come with an instruction manual, but you can still convert it to ‘Do it yourself’ kit! It throws you surprises. When it trips you, you figure out that the best way to deal with it, is to just lie there and laugh, before bouncing right back.

My thoughts:

I came across Preeti Shenoy’s work for the first time with “Life is what you make it”. The title is what made me pick it up. And I am glad I did. Later, I found that this book is the second one of the author, her first being “34 Bubblegums and Candies”. Another interesting name! I was intrigued by the title this time too. People say, what’s in a name? I say, in my book selection, the name (and many a times, the cover too!) plays a good part, especially when it is an author I have not heard about. And since I loved Life is…. I thought to give it a shot too. And I was not quite disappointed this time also. Hats off to the author, for coming up with this unique idea of comparing life with bubblegum & candies. 🙂

The blurb of the book pretty well describes the reason behind the title of the book. This book is a collection of incidents, in the life of the author or life in general, sewn together delicately. The language is simple, easy and crisp, & flows smoothly and the reader can finish the book in one sitting.

The stories/incidents mentioned in the book are more like blog posts rather than short stories. None of them delve deeper into the lives of any of the characters. And even though the stories/incidents were nothing outstanding or uncommon, the honesty in her narration is what touched my heart. I was impressed by her recollection of events in her life that had something to convey – happiness, sadness, grief, confusion, doubts, self-realization, etc., and compiling it in a way that appeals to every reader, less or more is an entirely individual opinion. At the end of every incident, the author leaves the reader with not a life lesson but some points to ponder upon. If you just flow with the book, taking in the bits & pieces that life offers, together with some wit & emotion, it can be inspiring too. For me, it is not a sophisticated take on philosophy or some great literary genius, but it is definitely a feel-good book.

I believe that happiness is found in simpler things in life. So go ahead, give it a try & discover the bubble gums & candies of life!

[This review has been submitted as a part of my Indian Quills Challenge 2013 (read about the challenge here)]


  1. I’m also a crazy fan of Shenoy’s books, though I haven’t read this one! I wish I could have a look at this asap. Btw, have you got her latest released one, ‘The One You Cannot Have’? 🙂


    1. You should definitely check this one if you are her fan. 🙂
      And yes, my copy has been delivered to me. 🙂 But I need to read & review a few others first. 😦 Did you grab yours?

      1. Sure! I’ll read it after completing the latest one I’ve received from her. That too, a signed version from my favorite author. 😀 🙂 Glad to find another Preeti fan via the blogging space. 🙂


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