Ghar ka Khana

I love travelling- the new places I get to see, the different kinds of food and flavours that tickle my taste buds – all this makes me feel happy & contented with my life. Every place has some kind of uniqueness in their food. Be it a plain chicken curry cooked with the same major ingredients, but it will taste different in the different corners of the country. I shall talk more on this some other day.

Today’s post is on homemade food. Even though I love travelling and tasting different cuisines during my travel time, after a few days I start longing for my home cooked food. Last Sunday evening I had come back after a quick trip to Goa with my friends and after treating myself to loads of exotic sea food and French fries (quite an overdose it was!) I had only one food in my mind – bhaat, daal and aloo pitika with a slice of nemu tenga (rice, dal, mashed potato with a slice of lemon), nothing more. Right after I landed at the airport, I sent a text to my sister to keep this meal ready for me (I was verrrrrry hungry!), because once I reached home I wanted to have nothing else but only this. And when I put the rice, mixed with the daal and the aloo pitika into my mouth I felt as if I had tasted slice of heaven!! 😛

alu-bhaatThe slice of heaven

After the last few days of sea food and paranthas (for breakfast) and what not, the simple rice and daal tasted out of the world.  I felt as if I had tasted heaven that day, one more time! One more time because every time I am on a holiday, after some time of my trip, I start to miss my home cooked food. It’s not that I do not like the food I eat during my travel, it’s just that I miss the good old & simple food back home; maybe I miss the distinct flavour or maybe I crave for it more because I can’t have it ‘now’.

I feel the foods we grew up eating tastes the best. It actually doesn’t matter whether those food were lavish or simple; it’s the familiarity, the feeling of home, that is more comforting. And maybe that’s why we crave for them after a few days we are away from home. It is at this point of time that I realize that most of us take all these simple things in life for granted and realize their worth only when we are deprived of them. This is a fact & realization which surprises as well as makes me ponder each time I go away from home.

“You don’t need a silver fork to eat good food” ~ Paul Prudhomme

Is there anyone else out there who miss homemade food when you are away from home?

(P.S. For my non-Hindi speaking readers, the title means ‘homemade food’)

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  1. Aaahh!! Its just so true 🙂 Nothing can beat the happiness when you dig into the simple home-cooked food and I totally agree with you 🙂

  2. Very well said! When I travel, no matter how much I enjoy myself, when I get home I crave two things–my own pillow, and a home cooked meal! (Your photos made me feel very hungry!)

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