Bookish hangover


Have you ever experienced a feeling of sadness when a book is reaching its end?

I have….. too many times. Because throughout the time I am reading a particular book, I am transported to a world of the author’s making. I get along with the characters of the book & share their lives – their happiness, sorrow, pain….

Many a times the characters of a book come to my dreams & I experience them from close quarters. I am transported to unknown foreign lands and sometimes to an era which I visualize through the words of the author. (And I bow down to the author who can make me visualize and feel the characters & their lives as if its real!!) I shed a tear or two if the protagonist die or is heart-broken, feel elated when there is a happy ending, feel thrilled when there is a suspense element and so on……

Usually, only after the story subsides in my mind, I pick up a new book.

Do you share this same bookish hangover as me?


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  1. It was partly this feeling that led me to reviewing. It is now my way of saying goodbye to a book before starting with the next one. There are some books that linger despite this though and makes the following book feel like a poor relation.

    1. Yeah, many a times I find difficulty to get into a book because thoughts of the previous book keeps lingering and i feel I am not doing justice to the words of the second one.
      And yes, putting my thoughts down in the blog about a book helps me, in someway, to move on…. 🙂

  2. Sometimes I do feel as though a character is living with me even after I finish the book. I guess this is why I like to reread certain titles again and again–it’s like visiting an old friend! I never thought of writing or blogging about a book as a way to move on from one and onto the next. . . interesting!

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