Shoe fetish

cos-heart-made-of-shoes-mdnWhy do women love shoes?

This is an eternal question that the men-folk have been wondering about since ages. It is another one of those ‘women mysteries’ that men would never understand & it’s better to be left alone. And like most women, I too simply love shoes, of all kinds – flats, ballet pumps, wedges, flip-flops, slippers, jootis, mojris, heels, stilettos (even though I can’t wear them comfortably & without towering above everyone else around me). I love my clothes too but then shoes are special. After all they are a girl’s “sole-mate”. No matter how many pairs a girl owns, the moment she comes across a new gorgeous pair she feels that she needs to take them home with her, for there is always room in her wardrobe for another pair.

“Funny that a pair of really nice shoes make us feel good in our heads – at the extreme opposite end of our bodies.” Levende Waters

Now, a man can do just fine with a single pair of dark dress shoes and a pair or two of casual sneakers and maybe a pair of sandals. But for a woman, depending upon a dress or skirt’s length/cut/style/colour, it will need matching footwear. And she would still need practical sneakers for exercise/travelling and flats for mundane trips that don’t require dolling up. Put simply, women’s fashion, needs more shoe options.

“Shoes are the quickest way for women to achieve instant metamorphosis.” Manolo Blahnik

As I cannot speak for the entire woman fraternity, I am trying to put down my reasons for love of shoes. And here they are (in no particular order):

  1. My shoes never fails me- no matter how much I have gained weight or lost (which is very rare), they will always fit me.
  2. I can repeat my shoes guilt-free and pair them with many outfits.
  3. After a tummy full of delicious meal, I don’t need to hide my feet (and shoes); unlike my tummy which tries to come out, in full form, of the fitted top/dress.
  4. They are reliable, in the sense that they have the ability to full together an outfit
  5. They look the same at 10 am and 10 pm (unless I have made my way through some mud/dirt puddles)
  6. For every occasion I have a different choice – sneakers for exercise/travelling, ballet pumps/ flats for a casual day out, heels for an evening or special occasion, etc.
  7. I think shoes have a lot of power in them. They influence the wearer’s stance, posture, and overall physical demeanor. They make us feel taller, steadier, faster, sexier, capable of great feats.
  8. For me not diamond but shoes is my best friend  for I can buy “n” pairs of shoes but the same cannot be said for the Solitaire(s). (Yeah I know, I am a low maintenance girl and can be pleased with cheaper things in life 😛)
  9. I am a size 7 and pretty shoes my size is difficult to get. So once I manage to find a pair I love, I find it hard to fight my temptation.

Ummmmm…that’s about it I think. Right now I cannot think of any more reasons. I may add them later if I remember any other.

By the way, has anyone had the same strange experience as me that while our shoes seem comfortable enough in a quick turn around the shop, but when we actually wear them for real many of them rub, produce blisters or even tilt us at such an angle that we are prone to falling over? And hence, I actually wear just a few pairs, in fact the same ones, of my entire stash.

As I wind up, I leave you with a quote to ponder upon and some facts about shoes to enhance your general knowledge. Have fun!

Momma always says there’s an awful lot you can tell about a person by their shoes. Where they’re going. Where they’ve been.~ Forest Gump

Interesting shoe facts:

  • In Biblical times, sandals were often given to seal a bargain or an oath.
  • Superstition says that to dream of losing a shoe predicts an illness.
  • In Japan it is customary for a person entering establishments or homes to leave there outdoor shoes at the door and slip into a pair of slippers.
  • Shoes all over the world were identical until the 19th Century, when left and right-footed shoes were first made in Philadelphia.
  • In Hungary the groom drinks a toast to his bride out of her wedding slipper.
  • Average no. of shoes owned by a man= 12 and a woman = 27
  • Average size of footwear of a man = 9 and a woman = 6
  • Fetish of collecting high heel footwear is called Altocalciphilia.
  • First fashionable boot made for females was designed for English Queen Victoria in 1840
  • Women have more foot problems than men for one singular reason – – high heels…..oops!
  • In Illinois, you could be arrested if you have smelly feet in public places like a restaurant or movie theater.
  • Shoe shopping should be done in the afternoon; not the morning. Science shows that the foot actually swells during the latter hours of the day.
  • The highest heels that were the “norm” in Europe were six inches in height. They were popular among the very elite in the 1600’s. Servants had to hold the arms of their mistresses in order to help them maintain balance while wearing the shoes.

 Are you a shoe lover yourself?

What is it about them that make them so special?

I would love to hear your shoe stories. Share them right away!


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  1. aahh…which girl wouldn’t like the sight of a dainty pair of shoes adorning her feet 🙂 and the quote by Levende Waters is so true!!!

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