I was once again watching the Sridevi starrer ENGLISH VINGLISH. This repeat watch took my attention to a scene from the movie. In the scene, the protagonist is trying to practice English by watching English movies and when she comes across the word ‘judgmental’, she rushes to her niece to understand its meaning. And then, the niece explains her – that if a person seeing her dressed in a sari thinks her to be a regressive woman with age old beliefs and thoughts, without knowing actually knowing her, the person would be said to be judgmental of her. That was a simple & nice way to explain the word. Isn’t it?

But then, this made me start thinking. Aren’t we becoming judgmental day by day? I can’t say about the others, but I definitely am tilting more towards becoming one these days. And this is not a nice realization. I sometimes tend to categorize people/things, whom/which I know or might not know, and put them in different boxes based on attributes, region/race, attitude, clothes, looks & so on…… At times, it’s frustrating too that I am wasting my time on pointless thoughts. But then sometimes these 1st impression or judgments prove to be correct. I know, it’s all so confusing!!

Actually, it is basic human nature to be judgmental or judge people/things/action/place or anything else on its face value. In fact, it’s impossible not to be. But then, I think, it’s what you do with it that counts at the end of the day. As I ponder more, I think I have the following options –

  1. Either ignore the things that had made me be judgmental or maybe accept them & then let them go. It’s not possible for everyone to please everyone else, right?
  2. Or else I do not do/say anything, but just do/say nothing.

So what do I ideally do then?  Give my grey cells a break and let people/things be as they are or say/do nothing and attain nirvana? 😉 What would you do?

And as you keep pondering on this, I leave you with my favourite song from the movie…. hope you enjoy it! (BTW i had a crush on the cute French guy, Mehdi Nebbou, in the movie 😛)

Image: Google

Video: YouTube


  1. I know what u r talking about..I used to be lot more judgmental than i am now. Thanks to my husband and sister, I am in a much better position. I believe I can get rid of being one altogether.

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