Monsoon thoughts & memories


Puddles here and there…….

Colourful raincoats & umbrellas….

Raindrops hanging on tree leaves & electric wires….

Snuggling under blankets……

Pakodas with a cup of hot brewing tea or a bowl of hot & curly Maggi……

Sitting by a window and staring at the drenched world outside…..

Partially dried clothes hanging here & there all around the house…..

These mean monsoon to me…

As a child I used to look forward to this season. This is the season when we made paper boats and floated them in the drains & puddles in the road. I loved getting drenched in the rain. Being a cold & fever prone child (the flu virus have not left my hand as yet) I was not allowed to get wet. But then I always managed to find ways to do so. While coming back from school, I walked through the puddles and then my shoes made a phissssss sound every time I took a step. 😛 During my graduation days, the landlady of my hostel was aware of my being fever-prone very easily and so to escape her motherly chiding I made my escape to enjoy the rain in the evening when all the doors had been shut. This is when I had a few moments of me, dancing in the rain ……the rain falling on me, drenching me….. soaking me in freshness & happiness.

 5353472565_50c3ef0b01_z  girl-dancing-rain_thumb2

The orchestra, of light and sound, played by nature announcing the arrival of the rains is another brilliance of nature that never fails to awe me ..…the skies taking a grey shade, casting a shadow on the trees and mountains; the cool breeze fluttering the leaves and carrying away the twigs, papers and fallen leaves; the sound of the thunder following the flashes of light, which forms a zigzag pattern on the skies. And then the rains came…..the drops falling slowly and steadily all around me. How I love the smell when the rains fall on the parched earth for the first time! It’s heavenly!


But for the lesser advantaged – the ones sleeping on the road under the skies, the ones with a leaking roof – rains is not a joyous thing. Flash floods, water logging, traffic jams, floods in low-lying areas are the distress of the season. But then it’s the law of nature. Every good thing has its streak of negative too.

For me, the monsoon rain is healing – it brings the much needed relief from the oppressive heat of the season. The temperatures come down, swiping away the signs of discomfort & discontentment from the faces. It seems to bring in a ray of hope …for positive things. It ignites the romanticism in our hearts. 🙂

“Life is not about how to survive in the storm

Its about learning to dance in the rain”


Images: google, flickr, tumblr, pinterest


  1. Wonderfully fun way to look at the rains. When I was a youngster, I love playing in the rain also. Now I just curl up with a book and read.

  2. Lovely thoughts and images…it rains here, but not as much as it did when I was a child. I recall slogging through rain puddles and regularly wearing rubber boots to school.

    Nowadays, not so much rain. There were times, however, when it rained a lot and we had a leaky roof at one place where we lived. Buckets to catch the drips. Not fun.

    Here’s MY BTT POST

  3. Oh, the hours and hours of fun I’ve had running through the rain and splashing through puddles. I still do. I wouldn’t miss it just because I’m now a “grownup.”
    I loved the post. Dreamy memories, indeed.

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