Thoughts …..


I am a spontaneous person, to a great extent – not very much into thinking and pondering and making plans. But somedays I feel like thinking and looking back….. for no particular reason. I try to look back the days gone by – I ponder on what I have gained and what I have lost, what I have achieved and what I haven’t, etc. I realize that quite a few number of days have been added to my time in this world. Did I make each day worth it …. this is what starts me thinking. with every passing day my priorities have changed, so have my likes and dislikes. One moment I feel I am in a position when I know where I am heading and the next moment I am not sure if I am heading in the right direction. One moment I think I have my thoughts all cleared and in place and the next moment I wander away from everything. Somedays I feel I know what I desire out of my life & I want to do for me & myself and the next day I am ready to bow down to the wishes and expectations of my near & dear ones.

I wonder, can I ask for a balanced life, where I shall have a perfect mix of both quietness and noise, peace & unrest, routine & spontaneity, loneliness & companionship, success & failures…………. I wish I could.


Would love to hear your thoughts.........

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