My tree connection


“Trees are poems that the earth writes upon the sky.”(Kahlil Gibran, Sand and Foam)

Trees fascinate me – green ones full of leaves as well as dry and brown ones. During our childhood days, whenever we got to travel by bus, both my sisters preferred sleeping, while I gazed on the green/yellow/empty fields. The trees seemed to be scattered in the fields in some order. Some had leaves and some were bare. I imagined and saw various figurines in these trees. I also used to count them on my way.

albero-che-danza-285x300Its a dancing tree

amazing_tree1Do u see the lady here?

face-in-trees-illusionDo u see a face here?

As a kid, on many summer holidays, i had taken to collecting leaves of various kinds and patterns and pasted them on a notebook.. Some of the names i knew, some i did not. But not knowing how to preserve leaves in a proper way, at that age, most them rotted after a few days.Then again during my graduation days, i got the chance to collect plants/leaves. This time i knew how to preserve them (as herbarium). I still have them at my home. 🙂

For me, trees seem to have energy of their own and records within themselves, the knowledge and history of its surrounding environment, which they are ready to hand down to anyone interested.

Whenever I pass a canopy/series of trees by the road, how I love to pop out my head from the car window and look up at them (not possible every time). They seem to form a pattern up in the high skies. They are beautiful, they are majestic. Each one of them is unique. They exude a pleasant, relaxed and comfortable feeling to me. I feel, I am somehow connected to them. 🙂


Do any one else share this connection with me?

The trees are called Standing People because they are our teachers. They do not walk about like human beings, but they do hold the energy of the Earth and Sky. The roots of the trees go deep into our Mother Earth, and their branches reach for the sunlight high in the sky. These teachers of the woods show humankind how to balance the male and female energies present in every human being. Through their example, we can learn how to give and receive. The trees are firmly grounded in the Earth and are reaching for the heaves with their branches, showing human beings how to be bridges between the tangible and non-tangible worlds. The balance of demonstrative and receptive is found in the heart of humans and in the trunk of trees. These living examples of balance allow humankind to discover the flow of life force that brings inner peace. It is circular and flows up through the roots to the tops of the branches, traveling down to the roots again, creating a recycling of energy.” (Jamie Sams, Earth Medicine)

Pictures: Google Images


  1. I too feel that trees are the most beautiful objects on Earth. Even the bare naked branches in winter look poetic to me. I feel secure when I touch, it’s comforting the way it stands so strong and secure; for long years and centuries, quietly facing all odds, observing so many generations, so many changes. There was someone like me decades ago, thinking the same thoughts, sharing the same love for the tree. They might no longer be on earth. I am here now, someday I’ll be gone too. But the tree will remain, if urbanization doesn’t wipe it off.

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