Weekend getaway

Trips with friends are always fun.  It is the joy of being around with like minded people who will not judge for being yourself and take your impromptu madness in good stride. With friends you don’t have to be on your guard. That is the beauty of friendship.

Anyhow, the last weekend, i.e. on 9th February, I and a few of my colleagues/friends, went off for a daylong weekend getaway to Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary in Morigaon, to celebrate the birthdays of two of my friends. It is an hour long drive from where I stay. We set out early in the morning. Now, getting up early in the morning these days is a great ordeal for us, that too on a Saturday. However, after fixing to meet at 6 am, we managed to do so at 7 am. Next thing was to find a place to have our breakfast because we already were hungry. After going up and down to several places we managed to have a good tea and puri-sabji breakfast in a roadside stall. On reaching the sanctuary, we enquired for both elephant rides and jeep rides. At that time, only jeep ride was available and so, off we went to the wilds in a jeep.:) Pobitora is a small sanctuary known mostly for its rhino population. We finished our tour in a mere one hour and managed to spot many rhinos, two of them from close quarters. How I wished to touch their skin, but I could never dare so! 😛  We also saw some migratory birds, a kingfisher and many others.

IMG_3502Don’t mistake for the rhino to be dead, it was only taking its nap….seems to be a lazy rhino 😛

After our safari ended, it was too early for lunch and so, we decided to go to a resort in Sonapur to have our lunch. So off we headed to Dekachang Resort. On our way, we stopped quite a few times to click some photos – the guys sat down on the road, we all climbed a few rocks and posed…… what fun we had. we laughed our lungs out (after a long time). We had another round of photo session after reaching the resort. However, by then the sun was up and shining brightly and we laid down to rest. We had a sumptuous lunch comprising of sunga chaul (rice cooked in bamboo hollow), sunga kukura mankho (chicken cooked in bamboo hollow), mati dalire haanh mankho (duck curry with lentils), pura bilahi pitika (grilled and mashed tomatoes), pura maasor pitika (grilled and mashed fish), tilor chutney (seasame chutney), pork curry and dal.


dekachangThe Dekachang Resort, Sonapur

We winded up our trip and returned back to the city with our bellies full of tasty & flavoursome food and hearts full of enjoyment, happiness & contentment for a well spent day.

Thanks to those two friends for planning such a wonderful day and the others for making the day it was….. 😀


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