Trust Matters


The Definition of TRUST says :

a: assured reliance on the character, ability, strength, or truth of someone or something

b: one in which confidence is placed

Trust is a delicate feeling. The definition itself uses words like”assured reliance” & “confidence”. It takes quite a time to develop a feeling of trust on someone or something. But to break it, it takes exactly the same lesser amount of time. Especially in relationships, trust is threadbare. A little amount of tug here, and there, it snaps!

All around me, I have seen people gain and lose trust in people, things, beliefs, etc. In my case, though I have experienced both, the impact has not been great enough to be unbearable (touchwood!). But I have seen people around me break down due to breach of this delicate feeling. Loss of trust in a relationship makes many a people heartbroken. It saddens me when I see how the negativity/wrong doing of a person impacts the one at the receiving end. Often I have seen these ‘suffering people’ lose confidence – either on their own judgment of identifying the “good” people or on the intentions of other people’s behavior, etc.

All these make me wonder, if it’s so hard to keep our commitments and promises, why do we need to make them? Is it really hard for us to act with honesty and integrity (without any hidden agendas), especially for those people who matter in our lives?

Do give a thought to this….

Would love to hear your thoughts.........

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